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A job that never gets dull?

Last updated August 2nd, 2016

“I realized I could organise things for a living and get paid for it!”

Fiona was working as a teaching assistant and realised the job was fairly safe and predictable. It just didn’t provide enough challenge for her. She got involved in organising the School prom and discovered she got a real kick out of co-ordinating everything to create a great event for the students and staff. Many of her colleagues would have hated it, but she loved it.
Not one to hang around, Fiona left her job in February 2015 and started on our postgraduate course in March 2015. With a 3 month course and 3 month placement that led to a series of freelance roles, she completely changed her career in less than 6 months.

“I worked with Hewlett Packard just after their HP Enterprise rebrand”

During her placement Fiona was working on a massive event at the Excel Centre in London involving 20 agencies, 13,000 attendees and all for huge brand Hewlett Packard. She’s come a long way from organising the School prom as a teaching assistant! Since the HP event Fiona’s also worked as event manager on a trade show at the Olympia centre focused on scented candles. After freelancing for a wedding planning agency, Fiona was then taken on by them as a full time event manager. It’s all happened rather quickly!

“I’ve gone from big corporate events at the Excel Centre to beautiful weddings in a 15th Century rustic barn”

The variety has been great and Fiona has loved working on such different projects. The course really prepared her for the realities of working in events. When she started the course she didn’t think it was possible to pull a team and an event together in the timescales they were given. Being thrown into doing it with support and feedback from the lectures means Fiona now knows she can do it.
Fiona says she loved the anecdotes from the course lecturers and often thinks back to the stories they told and the experiences they shared for the students to learn from. She’s planning on having her own anecdotes as an event manager to share. She’s definitely not going to go back to a dull job with no last minute panics or challenges.
Fiona’s advice to anyone interested in a job that never gets dull? “Do the eventcourse, get yourself a foundation of knowledge that you can go into the industry with and show people you are serious about progressing.”
If you want to find out more about our courses have a look at our course brochures or pop along to an open evening and ask us or hear from past students. We’d love to meet you and help you figure out where you’re going next.

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