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Chloe’s Speech Success Puts Teenage Cancer Trust Centre Stage

Last updated August 31st, 2018
Teenage Cancer Trust Party table and decorations

When it comes to being a Brand Ambassador for a national charity, Event Academy’s own Chloe Woolfe is more experienced than most … and what’s particularly amazing about Chloe is that she’s still just 21!

The national charity, which also happens to be the Event Academy’s chosen charity, is the Teenage Cancer Trust.

As we shared last month, Chloe’s been applying her Foundation course pitching know-how to one of the biggest roles she’s undertaken so far: speaking at a live event hosted by Roger Daltrey, at the Royal Albert Hall.

Last time we spoke to Chloe, she was daunted but determined in her approach to this event. As a cancer-survivor, Chloe’s been a grateful recipient of support from the Teenage Cancer Trust and now has a passion for getting a message of awareness out there – both about cancer and the work of the Trust.

So, as a brand ambassador on four out of the seven nights of the Royal Albert Hall’s series, and as a keynote speaker at Roger Daltrey’s event, how did it all go?




From bucket collection to speech-giving, all in a week’s work

As anyone who’s studied events with Event Academy will know, a volunteer at any event can expect to be pulled into a variety of tasks – and Chloe certainly found her role as Brand Ambassador is no exception. Chloe’s time at the event included joining a team of volunteer fundraisers, bucket-collecting and talking to attendees about the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust, being involved with hospitality and of course giving that speech.

“I also went on stage at the Royal Albert Hall to ‘meet the audience’ and take photos,” shares Chloe. “And it was amazing, an absolutely iconic location … everyone’s heard of the Royal Albert Hall and I feel so privileged to have been a part of it.”



Speaking of Speaking

Although she had the chance to take centre stage and meet the audience, Chloe’s speech took place as an event-within-the-event, hosted by Roger “absolute legend” Daltrey himself.

“It was in a private hospitality room, which was really nicely done up,” Chloe explains. “And there were people from massive companies, and individuals like Sadie Frost. I didn’t really go into the event beforehand because I was kind of like trying to psyche myself up to speak. But afterwards I was mingling a bit and met loads of them.”

So was the networking aspect important to Chloe, as a Brand Ambassador? “The thing is, Teenage Cancer Trust isn’t a big charity, but I don’t know everyone so it was nice to meet them. And [after the speech] people I’ve never met would come up and say ‘ah, so you’re Chloe, I’ve heard about you … your speech was amazing!’ That was so special.”

What also made it special for Chloe was the fact that she’s in the unique position of sharing what she knows as her own gruelling cancer experience is entwined with the vital work of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

So it’s as much from appreciation for the help she herself has received, as from being dedicated to her role as Brand Ambassador that makes Chloe so passionate about taking every opportunity to: help others build a relationships with the brand; facilitate vital support and engagement with the charity’s aims; and generate awareness of the work they do – all reasons why Chloe was so delighted to be part of charity patron Roger Daltrey’s special event: “to maintain the relationship with current supporters, and also to create other relationships.”

And of course as someone who’s studied event management, Chloe is also quick to appreciate that what made the events at the Royal Albert Hall work was all those who gave up their time to help, as she reflects on the event’s outstanding success due to the “many people involved who make the week as great as it is, but you never really see/appreciate that … so much work and effort goes into it.”

As seen on social media

Despite her initial wish to keep her speech exclusive to attendees on the night, Chloe’s father uploaded her speech to his social media page. After “having words” with him about this, Chloe’s taken on the idea of now using this additional platform as an opportunity to get her message about the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust out there.

“So now I want everyone to share it … I’ve shared it because I think, OK, well now it’s out there I might as well share his [dad’s] post. At first, I was a bit nervous but I think it’s really important that Teenage Cancer Trust get the recognition they deserve, so now I want everyone to post it, everyone to share it. I want everyone to see Teenage Cancer Trust because it’s for them isn’t it, not for me?”


Chloe Woole speech at Royal Albert Hall

Watch Chloe’s Full Speech Here

Brand Ambassador does an encore

After painstaking efforts to tailor her speech to this very special audience, then nervously standing up to deliver it, Chloe now laughs about the fact she woke up the next day to find herself on social media and clocking up views in the thousands. She’s not only now appreciates that her message is raising awareness of the charity’s work via social media but also that, as a result of this speech, others now want her to speak on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust at their own events.

“Adrian [one of the founders of Teenage Cancer Trust] … after my speech he came up and said ‘Chloe you made me cry […] I’d love you to come and speak at an event I do.” So this event in May, a huge annual event which aims to raise £100k is one of Chloe’s next big speaking challenges. “It’s amazing” she says, voice dropping to a whisper. “He’s the founder of the charity. That’s like a big deal, a huge deal.”

Not to mention another very big deal offered after speaking on the night: Chloe’s also been asked to speak at another event of over 400 attendees, to be held at the end of April at The Dorchester in London and hosted by a top pop talent.

But if anyone can set aside her fears to take on the task in hand, it’s Chloe because she has a real purpose in supporting a charity so close to her heart. “Currently, Teenage Cancer Trust can only reach 50% of young people, through 28 units up and down the country – that’s only half the young people with cancer,” she explains, before sharing that she feels “lucky” with her cancer experience, to have been able to access this support.

Chloe shares that the work of the TCT “isn’t just about the wards it’s also to do with providing specialist nurses go out and visit people in their homes – only 50% of young people with cancer can get that.” For Chloe herself, it was being on the charity’s dedicated ward in a London hospital which made the biggest difference to her overall recovery, and why she wants to do what she can to increase opportunities for other teenagers with cancer to have the same support.

“The thought of me not being on a ward where I could meet other people and chat with them, people my age who knew what I was going through,” Chloe shakes her head. “If I didn’t have that, those cancer friends, I don’t know what I would have done because it was so important just to have time where we could just be teenagers. Yes, we were teenagers with cancer but we would joke about it and we would laugh.”

Chloe pauses and in that silent gap are the friends she made on the ward who didn’t make it on their own cancer journey, those she spoke about in her speech, those who make her a Brand Ambassador with a real purpose.
And with this purpose, comes Chloe’s passion. “I’ve got the bug now,” she laughs, “I just want to carry on, I’m loving it, just loving it.”

Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall

You can also support the Teenage Cancer Trust by sharing Chloe’s speech and visiting:

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