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Last updated July 20th, 2016

I knew I wanted a job that demands creativity every day

Ciara chose a fashion degree because the study and the career afterwards really appealed to her creativity. She didn’t want to be stuck in a dull job where her own personal creativity would always be hidden.
Fast forward to now and after finishing the postgraduate course with us and she’s the Creative lead on a number of client projects at The Department. After starting her PG placement there she secured a permanent job – congratulations Ciara! She works closely with the Creative Director to create immersive events for clients and sees them right through from pitching ideas to making the event a reality.  

I created a Lexus launch event for 100 luxury lifestyle journalists

As luxury brands go, getting to work with Lexus is a bit of a career highlight. Ciara worked  on staging an epic immersive experience designed to launch the new Lexus RX in London last January. She worked on the creative elements, alongside the Creative Director, from conception right through to running the event on the day.
It isn’t just the ideas process that requires a creative approach. Ciara says her creativity is equally tested by making those innovative ideas happen in the real world. The Lexus event included 14 different segments across 2 London venues for the journalists to make their way through and the power of the event was in the personalisation for each guest. Think of details as subtle as planting Evening Standard newspaper stands featuring individual guest names along the correct route in London as specific guest drove past. That requires creativity, planning and carefully monitoring the guests at all times.

Studying events has really opened up my eyes to new career options

Ciara moved to London after completing her fashion degree and found the fashion industry didn’t give her the opportunities she was looking for. She was working on unpaid internships and two or three different jobs at a time to make a living. She had a dream of setting up her own business, but couldn’t see how she’d ever manage to raise the capital needed.
After taking on responsibility for organising internal conferences and events for an admin job it suddenly clicked that being both super organised and creative, event management was a dream job for her.
When she first joined the course she planned to stick close to what she knew and move into organising fashion shows and events. Yet 3 months of study and 3 months placement have given Ciara a taste of what else is out there. She’s still committed to a career as a creative, but now has the skills to work on a whole range of projects. Instead of being confined to the fashion world, she has experience of working with different brands to create an unforgettable, immersive experience no matter who the audience is.
If you want to find out more about how to unleash your creativity and get stuck into a career with real opportunities to make you mark why not come along to one of our open evenings and talk to past students? Or you can call us on +44 (0)207 183 5129 or download a brochure, we’d love to talk about your future and where you’re headed.

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