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Experiencing my career

Last updated December 4th, 2018
Event management student speaking to camera

Find out how starting an events career has turned into a whole new experience for Julie


"I’m in at the beginning of the next big thing in events: Experiential Marketing"

Do you like the idea of starting a career in an industry bursting with exciting developments and opportunities? Alumni Julie finished our PG course last year and that’s how she feels about her job. With a degree in hotel management with experience of working in London hotels, Julie wanted to broaden out in to other areas of events management. She did her research and found out she needed a much wider experience base.

The Event Academy Postgraduate course gave her both a broad view on the whole events industry as well as fantastic experience in the 3 month placement. She now specializes in experiential marketing for Jack Morton (a top London agency). Before she started the course she had no idea this type of role even existed.

"Working with Rosie on site at the WIRED events was amazing!"

Julie took advantage of volunteering opportunities that we share with our student and alumni network and worked with Rosie Ham on some of the 2015 WIRED events. Seeing Rosie on site was not only a great education, but also really inspiring and Julie is the first of our students to sing Rosie’s praise. The two are still in contact and Julie knows that she can still contact Rosie for advice, even though she finished the course last summer.

Colleagues in Julie’s current agency role (they’re used to working with highly talented people) give her such great feedback that they’re surprised to learn how early on in her career she is. Her confidence and practical knowledge make her look like she has a lot more experience than your average event manager less than a year into the career.

"I had no idea that I had leadership skills within me!"

How do you know what you are capable of until you’re put to the test and how can you expect an employer to take it on good faith that you have the skills needed? What if you dont even know you have the skills? Julie was assigned to be team leader for one of the Postgraduate course group projects. It was completely unexpected, but she thrived on the challenge and found she is a natural leader.

Our lecturers are always thrilled to nurture every one of their students and show them things they didn’t know they could do.
Leading a team and seeing all her hard work come together really built up Julie’s confidence and she can talk to employers about her practical experience. Pitching to live clients has also been invaluable and always impresses interviewers.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to do things you didn’t even know were possible, take Julie’s advice and get out there, fight for what you want and make use of fantastic experiences, connected contacts and inspiring lecturers available on our courses.

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