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Follow your heart

Last updated September 22nd, 2016

Want to follow your heart in your job, organise training to get you ahead in a competitive industry and fit it all around the most important people in your life, your family? Read on to find out how alumni Louisa Oldfield did it.

I was finishing my online diploma just as I started working on the Newport Beach Film Festival

Running and promoting and key element of a Californian film festival, in the glorious sunshine and down by the beach. Imagine the sun, sand and people enjoying themselves – all running smoothly thanks to your marketing, logistics planning and excellent attention to detail. This is what alumni Louisa Oldfield was doing as she finished her online diploma with us, while juggling being a mum and planning the family’s move back to the UK.
Everyone’s life path is different and flexible online study is an ideal way to fit around wherever else your life takes you. Unlike at the beginning of her career, Louisa now has a family and they’ve moved from the UK to France and California as part of her husband’s work. Louisa has spent the last year planning how to get herself into a career she loves while being there for the important people in her life, her children and husband.

I’ve done lots of different jobs, but running and marketing events is always what I’ve most enjoyed

Louisa has a successful working history behind her including a fundraising role at Westonbirt Arboretum and a variety of managerial positions. So why did she want to retrain? Simple: Louisa wants a job she loves.
She realized the thing she’d enjoyed most about all those jobs was running spectacular events and making sure they get the attention and attendance they deserve.  Knowing the industry is competitive and with no experience in an events dedicated role, she did the smart thing and decided to get a recognized qualification. When she realized there were no face to face courses available in California, she turned to us.

Don’t choose between following your brilliant idea and ticking all the boxes!

The most difficult thing, Louisa told us, was managing her own time while working from home. During March, when Louisa was finishing her assignments, the time difference between the UK and California is one hour less than the rest of the year. So she needed to finish and submit her work first thing in the morning to hit a 5pm deadline. Only a super organized event manager would think about it in this way! Sound like anyone you know?
But event management isn’t only about ticking the boxes. Louisa had a fantastic, creative and exciting idea for her project, but she was torn between expressing her own creativity and showing the evidence that was asked for in the assessment criteria. The event she’d designed was multi venue and not all the planning documents requested were relevant.
Louisa contacted our Course Director Claire and they talked it through, agreeing that the assessment criteria would be met and that Louisa should definitely follow her creative ambition! We’re not in the business of stifling our student’s creative aspirations – we know good event management needs organisation and creativity as well as a good relationship with the client where you inspire them with your ideas.

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