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Split personality?

Last updated June 23rd, 2016

Graduate profile

“To feel that no part of me is going to waste and it all fits into the job is pretty cool!”

When talking about what drew her to Event Management, Lucia talks about all her interests. She loves music, languages and biology. She also has a love of cooking that is deeply rooted in her Italian heritage. And those are just the first few things she mentions. Lucia describes herself as a Philomath: she likes or is interested in studying many things. The great thing about the world of events is that it doesn’t force her to choose one.
Lucia’s true passion is in environmental sustainability and humanitarian aid. She wants to know that she is making the world a better place. Before starting the course she worked on the UN World Food programme. She also started a charity in Kenya and has been travelling around Europe, speaking to parliament and the press to change perspectives on humanitarian aid at local and national levels. She’d already identified her mission and what she loves doing and completed an inspiring MA in Sustainability in Sweden. So why go back to studying?

“The course really gave me the confidence to say “I am an Event Manager. I know how to do this.”

All the work Lucia had done before joining Event Academy was voluntary or unpaid work. She isn’t prepared to compromise her principles to earn a living, but naturally she needs to find paid employment. Event management was the thing that seemed to bring it all together. The events industry is hands on and, like her MA, not academic and theoretical. It is about knowing how to make things happen.
By creating events to bring the right people together, to discuss and take action on issues that matter, Lucia knew she could bring a valuable set of skills to the sector and causes she cares about. The course gave her practical side of experience in supplier negotiations, information on average prices, how to calculate food and drink for different types and sizes of events and more. She is even now offering private tutoring for a student on a university degree in Event Management. The gaps in the University courses are all too apparent to Lucia – not enough practical hands on experience and too many papers to read.

“The thing the world is missing to build sustainability isn’t talent or skills, it is bravery to change the status quo”

We’re blown away by Lucia’s commitment to her values. She is on a mission to change the world and we know she will. She sees event management as a launching pad for anything you want it to be. For anyone with a diverse set of interests (did we mention she took 5 A levels, studied several musical instruments and learned a handful of languages?) she says events offer a way to follow your logical, organised side and fully express your creativity. Unlike in many other roles, the two go together instead of needing to focus on one to the exclusion of the other.
If you don’t like the idea of leaving out the things that make you unique when you get to work in the morning, why not find out more about event management? You can bring so much of your personality to it while gaining a truly practical set of skills in relationship management and problem solving. It may be just the thing you’re looking for to help you conquer the world!

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