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By Tania TilbrookAugust 11th, 2016

Alumni Matt King started on the path to event management when he was sent to Birmingham to support a colleague in the events team with running a seminar. At the last minute his colleague cancelled and with no events experience, most people would panic. Instead Matt stepped up and had a blast! He got stuck into sorting out name badges, setting up the AV and the seminar went like a dream.

I’ve turned into an events geek: I’m looking at the lighting rigs at Wembley instead of the game!

Of course when Matt came back to his admin role, he realised that events is where his heart lies. He found our evening diploma course and studied while staying in his full time role. After completing the course he moved into a dedicated events role for the same employer, then made a break for it and is now working venue side for L’Escargot in London.
After working in admin for years and never finding his career groove, Matt now finds himself working on several different events a day, every day. He loves the constant stream of challenges this poses and relies on his talent for picking up the detail to make it all work. Instead of being taken for granted in an admin role, his skills are recognised and he does a job he loves.

I had no idea I’d be good at sales: it’s all about people and trust

Working with people is ideal for Matt, but he never saw himself in a sales role until he got into event management. Working venue side, he’s learned that sales is all about listening and building trust with someone you’ve never met before. Clients don’t always tell exactly what they want, but eking out those details can make a massive difference.
Discovering that the booking is on the CEO’s birthday, for example, puts a very different spin on what first sounded like a strictly corporate event. All event managers know that problem solving is an intensely creative exercise, especially where people are involved. Matt now gets to flex a creative talent he didn’t know he had until he took the course.

Events are built on more than 1 person: you need everyone’s insight

Being a people person, Matt’s well suited to the team work aspect of events management. The diploma course really opened his eyes to how diverse the industry is and doing group projects shows you how everyone thinks differently.
Matt’s perspective is to get stuck into brainstorming and welcome all the different ideas. Everyone sees things different and being negative or critical kills off creativity. Matt’s major insight is that to build and run a truly spectacular and successful event you need a great team and to get everyone’s insight. Only then can you get your work right under the spotlight and create an amazing experience for all those attendees.
Interested in finding out how Matt got a real taste of the events world with us? Have a look at our diploma course or come to an open evening and chat to one of our alumni about their experience of events.

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