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The Enterpreneur and the Event Manager

Last updated August 20th, 2015

Current student Grace Stubbs writes for us about how her career path to date has led her to training as an event manager:
After a school career spent mostly in the art room, I spent two years respectively at the Glasgow School of Art reading Fine Art and the London School of Arts reading Graphic Design and Communication.  Ambitious for something more unique, and feeling constrained by fixed curricula, I turned my attention to an existing interest of mine – events – in all their glory.  From the waiting service to food and design, I had experience in many aspects of events and their management. I longed to combine my artistic flair and creative skills with the business side of event management. Event Academy provide a unique platform to learn about the latter.  Unlike other training courses, the Diploma course is only 3 months long and taught part time, which provides flexibility and allows me to continue running the business I began in early 2014: Candy Floss Creations.
The Diploma course offers 2 classroom sessions a week which worked (at first) around my new business venture, and they provided first hand knowledge from working professionals involved with all aspects of the events industry. Two months into the course, Candy Floss Creations had doubled in size and, to avoid spending time travelling rather than tying pink ribbons onto bridal invitations, I switched to the Online Diploma course.  Not only was this easy to do, I also felt the online course was as beneficial and informative as the face to face sessions. This is a credit to the quality of the teaching on the course.
I have gained a lot of knowledge from training with Event Academy, for example the importance to combine artistic talent with business acumen. In particular, the course taught me to how to better manage a budget and to deal with commercial clients. Furthermore, Candy Floss Creations focuses on the wedding industry and specialises in stationery and design but having taken the course with Event Academy, I have the necessary skills to move into Event Management too. This is an exciting opportunity for me and for everyone at Candy Floss Creations!
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