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Comprehensive event management course, easily accessible and affordable, with a choice of your industry sector specialism

Key Course Details

Total Course Price:

Masterclass Course

4 weeks

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18 Chapters each with a short film, fun quiz & useful resources.

Get qualified and accredited by The Event Academy on completion with our certificates.

All of the modules in the Essentials Masterclass course PLUS additional core modules including Client, Risk & Supplier Management plus Advanced Budgeting and skills modules on Interview Skills and running Sustainable Events.

Add on your industry sector specialist module for free. Choose from weddings, corporate events & conferences, exhibitions, fundraising, sports & hospitality, festivals, fashion & private parties or celebrity events.

Access to a library of webinars from industry experts on a wide variety of topics to add to your knowledge.

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Our Advanced Masterclass course is a short online course and will give you all the tools, skills & detailed knowledge you need to run a successful event.
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What To Expect

The Masterclass course is designed to kick start your career in the international event industry, whether you’re refreshing your knowledge, up-skilling or completely starting out.

You will study 34 hours of learning over the course of your course and then complete a short assessment to be graded.

We’ll take you on what we call the Event Journey, and we’ll leave no stone unturned!

As you progress through the course you’ll be introduced to different areas of the industry; from winning business with a client and setting a strategy, marketing, logistics management, event production and looking at what makes an event successful.

You’ll learn from our own experiences too as we drop in one or two anecdotes from events we’ve run!

Navigating Your Course

Navigating your course is easy and straightforward, with clear menus and links. We highly recommend that you work through the training modules in the order they are presented on this portal. They follow the Event Journey pathway and are designed to help you complete your assessment at the end of the course.

What Will I Study?

Event Journey – understand the difference between different types of events, the importance of planning and setting objectives.

Setting Up A Project – learn the skills to be an outstanding event manager from how to test your objectives, use a variety of event documentation and understand the needs of clients.

Introduction to Budgeting – financial intelligence is a MUST for every event professional. You’ll not only learn how to create and manage a budget, but also to how to use it as an effective management-reporting tool.

Budgeting Advanced – understand how to measure your ROI, create contingency budget planning, invoices and purchase orders.

Venue Management – look at venue finding, site visits, contact negotiation, visualising event set ups and the commission process.

Client Management – dealing with clients requires a patience and clear communication, look at ways to bring your ideas to life and explain them to the client.

Supplier Management – understand how to work & negotiate effectively with suppliers and the key skills needed to ensure a positive outcome and lasting relationship.

Risk Management – a key point in any event is safety and risk management. Learn about the documentation you will need and download templates for use in your future career.

Skills Of An Event Manager – develop an understanding of the scope and breadth of the event industry.

Creativity – study why creativity is important and how it can positively impact an event journey plus how to present ideas to clients.

Introduction to Production & Technical – create simple site plans, comprehend how AV and special effect can enhance an event and how to use production effectively and when it is required.

Marketing – learn the basic principles and models of marketing and create a simple marketing plan that will help you successfully promote an event and attract the right audience.

Social Media – look at different platforms, what audiences use them and which social media will be most effective to promote your event.

Creativity in Events – Learn about creativity and how to use it when organising events. Develop skills to turn ideas into reality and to effectively communicate them to a client.

Risk Management -Learn how to evaluate the risk involved in your event. From health and safety legislation and risk assessments to event insurance, this is the module where you learn to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s.

Sustainable Events – Learn about how to make your event environmentally friendly. Discover how to source the best ‘green’ supplier and learn about emerging attitudes to environmental issues.



This Masterclass course is accredited by the Event Academy.

At the end of the course you’ll receive a certificate of achievement showing that you have completed a course with us. Please feel free to upload this on to all your social media platforms, so that you can shout about your success.

We are also accredited by the CPD Standards Office so if your place of work recognises Continual Professional Development then this course entitles you to 25 CPD credits.

Industry Specialism

The events industry is made up of many varied and exciting sectors that you may wish to work in. With the Advanced Course you will be able to select from the following industries with a add on short course:

  • Weddings
  • Celebrity Events
  • Festivals
  • Fashion & Private Parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate Events & Conferences
  • Sports & Hospitality
  • Fundraising

Learning Resources

Each lesson will begin with a clear outline of what you’ll learn and the time we think it will take you to complete.

As well as your online training lecture, you will find a wide variety of downloadable resources to supplement your learning including:

Information and factsheets
Template documents
Reflective Exercises

At the end of the course there is a non-assessed quiz for you to take. This will help ensure that you have met your learning objectives, and allow you to collect your certificate of achievement to show your employer or add to your online social network sites.


At the end of your course you’ll be able to take a short multiple choice examination. Exams are marked electronically and you’ll receive either a pass or fail notification from us, depending on how well you’ve done.

After You've Completed Your Course

Once you have finished this course, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your learning by join another course at a higher level. You will be able to purchase additional courses for a reduced price or you can study sectors within the industry. Further details about our other courses can be found on our website.

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