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Office Dogs

By AlexAugust 2nd, 2019

We love our office dogs.

Dogs are definitely a good pick me up and we have quite a few that come to work on a regular basis!

Jessie (Owner: Lorne Armstrong)

Jessie has got dodgy knees but she still manages the commute over the hill into work with Lorne.

Princess Boo (Owner: Lorne Armstrong)

Not the dog you would expect Lorne to have but she has definitely stolen his heart. He’d like everyone to know he didn’t pick her name!

Stan (Owner: Naomi West)

Possibly the coolest dog in the office and the only one with an orthopaedic bed under her desk.

Penny The Collie (Owner: Tania Tilbrook)

The naughtiest of all the dogs, can be found regularly rifling through bins for left over sandwich wrappers.

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