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The experts bring so much life and energy into every single lecture. We were out and about in London, putting our learning into practice with real briefs for real clients. There’s no way you’d ever be bored!

Natalie Gould

Events Manager, The Brewery

Experiential Learning

Our Training works, as evidenced by the high percentage of ex students who are now working in the events industry (85% a year after their graduation). To a large extent this is due to the experiential nature of each course.

Nobody really learns by just sitting there listening to a wall of lecutures, especially when it comes to a discipline as active and involving as event management.

We learn by doing, by being challenged and by getting involved…so that’s how we approach your event management training. We plan and deliver each course just like an event. We develop the most effective formats to build deep levels of understanding. We create practical learning experiences to generate lasting impact. It works.

Some of the modules are held in class (at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London) but for much of the course you will be immersed in the experiential ‘classroom’ that is London, with its internationally renowned venues, live events and creative agencies.

We know this experiential approach to training works not just because our students love it, but because we have pioneered the principles as leaders of corporate and creative event agencies before setting up The Event Academy.

We are connected to and supported by over 500 of the top agencies, venues and event businesses in the UK and internationally. Their spaces, offices, people and partnerships allow us to get out of the classroom and into the real events world.

So when it comes to doing a site visit we dont take you to any old hotel, we go to The Dorchester. When it comes to experiencing behind the scenes in an event agency we visit WRG, Jack Morton, Imagination or Clarion. When it comes to hearing from an event expert we bring in a top 10 Leader in the industry. When it comes to working on a project we put you infront of the Events Director of global brands like Nissan, EE, Old Mutual or Hilton.

There is nothing like doing a live project if you want to really learn. We help you convert the theory into practive by getting you to pitch for a live project, with a real client and a real outcome. Recently the quality of our students presentation secured an extra £100K for an agency from their client’s corporate event budget! As part of the PG course you will also deliver your own live event. For many, this is when it all comes together.


You can be confident in the quality and rigour of our training through our endorsement with the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing). We are the only event training provider that they accredit and it took us nearly two years to earn that right.

The CIM are a globally recognised brand so when it comes to presenting your qualifications in an interview they will actually mean something. The rigour that they apply to our processes, the outcomes from each course, the pass levels and the marking of your work is second to none. We hope that we are the Harvard of event training. The CIM are certainly that within the world of Marketing and Communications.

We are also supported and endorsed by The International Special Events Society, Institute of Hospitality and The International Live Events Association and the Association of Arts and Entertainment Managment.

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We also know that your course will be more than just event learning. It’s about how you’re looked after, how you’re treated, how you’re supported, who’s in your class, what additional opportunities you can be involved with and what networks you can join.

We will support you throughout your course and beyond – once you’re in, you’re in. Our team are passionate about creating an intimate, productive and fun experience. They are always there on the end of the phone, email or webchat. Meet some of the team.


Your experience of the Course is also more than just the formal learning that we schedule for you. It’s also the Volunteering opportunities that you can get involved with. These experiences enable you to understand the variety within the industry, and to build your confidence in a range of situations – from Secret Cinema to The Brits, from The Moonwalk to a Marathon, from Wilderness to The UN Film Festival.


As part of your learning we also combine relevant digital technology with practical face to face experiences. For example, the module on budgeting is supported by an online Masterclass which allows individuals to digest the learning at their own pace and in their own time. This works brilliantly for some of the more fast moving modules allowing us to flip the learning experience.

There’s no doubt that without this course and the tutors I would not be in the position I am now.

Hannah Barry

Creative Account Manager, Story Events

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