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Jonny Grant

Creative Director, The Department

Jonny is one of the UK’s most progressive and exciting creative event directors combining a strong background in film with immersive experiences to form something genuinely unique and (to be honest) a bit special.

So far his career has involved him in directing large-scale events, fashion shows, film, performances and parties, combining well-honed filmmaking and interactive theatrics with a commercial, big game mentality. Check out this

He has lead a wealth of productions from stadium shows with massive global TV audiences to lavish private parties for a select few, but all with the same ‘no boundaries’ approach.

His newest venture, The Department, is a fusion of Jonny’s love of theatrics, music, big stadium shows and immersive experiences. Within this pioneering agency he works with a collective of some of the greatest creatives currently working in these areas.

Its fair to say he is something of a pioneering arts, culture and media entrepreneur.

Jonny’s relationship with Event Academy is perhaps best described here. He brings a large dollop of creativity and innovation to our thinking at Ashdown…and to the industry as a whole.