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Key Course Details

Online Diploma

Difficulty Level 4

3 Months

Next Start Dates
Available to Start Anytime

Total Course Price:

Standard Payment
£999 fee in full

Payment Plan
4 x instalments of £275

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A flexible, online course covering all key stages of event management and major industry sectors.

Three months of study modules that can be completed at your own pace over twelve months.

globally recognised Level 4 CIM endorsed qualification that will set you apart in a competitive job market

Guided online tutorials taught by industry experts with regular support from course leaders to ensure maximum student engagement

Skill-based learning including project management, event planning, marketing, health & safety and budgeting

The opportunity to join our alumni network of over 2,000 graduates in the industry – instant contacts and instant credibility

Equip you with new business and marketing skills, beyond just event management, plus the confidence to take your career to the next level

If someone said to me I’m not going to be motivated to do an online course, I’d say do this one. It really is the best solution. Without it I would never have had this amazing role

Katherine Richardson Event Manager, Worldwide Events

There’s no doubt that without this course and the tutors I would not be in the position I am now.

Hannah Barry, Creative Account Manager, Story Events

Don’t think I could’ve found a better course for me

Nicola Callander, Conference & Events Administrator, Sopwell House

I know I wouldn’t have been as happy with any other course provider.

Kim Breckon, Asst Project Officer, Hertfordshire Walks
The Online Diploma is a blend of practical learning, project work and lectures from our expert lecturers delivered by guided tutorials.
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To give you a comprehensive overview of the events industry

  • To develop you as a great event manager
  • To increase your confidence in creating and delivering events
  • To help you build a network of industry contacts
  • To create a clear pathway for a meaningful career in the events world


Our online, CIM accredited level 4 Diploma course in Event Management, will enable you to study the best event management content available in the way that you want to: anytime, anywhere. You will be able to interact with lecturers and students throughout and will be supported through direct channels and regular Google Hangouts.

The lectures are delivered by a team that share many years of industry experience but, more importantly, have a real passion for working with students to facilitate the most productive learning experience possible.

The academic credentials of the course have been developed alongside our accrediting body – The Chartered Institute of Marketing. This academic rigour ensures that you will qualify with an equivalent Level 4 accredited Diploma that employers will value.

Our online course provides a totally unique learning experience unlike anything else out there in the marketplace. The customised learning platform we have developed was specifically designed around the needs of our students and our course material, but remains as instinctive to use as iTunes – making the journey through the course fun, effective and lasting.

Students can complete the course within their own timeframe over the course of one year.

We offer a free trial version of this course which will give you access to one of the modules and a good insight into how the course works. Click here to try it.

Course Details

Event Management Planning

Overview: Develop an understanding of the scope and breadth of the event industry. Identify how and where events fit within business, charitable and social environments, review the way that events are utilised by organisations.

Co-ordinating Events

Overview: Co-ordination of events requires skills in planning, managing, executing, and overseeing day-to-day operations. Learn how to manage event logistics. Understand the financial aspect of event management and learn how to create a simple event budget. See how industry experts set out their planning documentation for profitable events.

Corporate Events & Conferences

Overview: Learn the basic principles of corporate event management and how programs are designed to enhance a business’s performance. Develop the corporate skills needed to pursue a career in conference organising and exhibition management.

Marketing Events 

Overview: Learn the relevance of marketing an event to a specific audience and the most effective methods of doing this. Develop knowledge of marketing models that can aid profitability, and learn how to implement them.

Experiential Marketing

Overview: Develop and plan experiential marketing campaigns, apply post-event analysis and measure successful strategies.

Wedding Planning

Overview:  Weddings are big business and a popular area of the event industry. Learn the vital basic skills associated with creating and managing weddings ceremonies and wedding receptions.

Creativity in Events

Overview: Learn about creativity and how to use it when organising events. Develop skills to turn ideas into reality and to effectively communicate them to a client.

Presentation Skills

Overview: Work to improve your personal effectiveness when presenting to an audience. Learn effective interview and presentation skills through informal assessments, with the express aim of building confidence in your own style.


Overview: Good leadership and wisdom is vital when managing events. Learn what it means to be a true leader and begin to develop your skills to be a great team player and an effective manager.


Overview: Learn about technical event production. Understand the basic principles of production and the importance of a producer during an event.

Risk Management

Overview: Learn how to evaluate the risk involved in your event. From health and safety legislation and risk assessments to event insurance, this is the module where you learn to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s.

Social Media

Overview: Discover the world of social media in relation to events.  Understand how it can be used and the best types to suit your event.

Event Technology 

Overview: The world of event tech is developing rapidly and as an event professional, you will need to stay ahead of the curve. Learn how technology is being used today in events.

Sports, Hospitality and Sponsorship

Overview: Review the relationship between business and events, and how organisations benefit from hospitality and corporate sponsorship. Understand how sporting events are used as positive relationship building mechanisms. Learn how to identify the right celebrity for a sponsorship campaign.

Fundraising Events

Overview: The charity sector is one of the fastest growing in the industry. Understand the principles of charity events and find out why they are an integral part of the fundraising mix. Develop skills that will enhance negotiation and learn to create a simple fundraising budget.

Celebrity Events

Overview: Understand how celebrity events differ from other events and learn about the emergence of celebrity status over recent years. Learn how to choose and source the most appropriate celebrity for your event and how manage them on site.

Public Relations

Overview: Develop a sound understanding of public relations for event management. Learn how to identify the best media channels for promoting an event, write a press release and how to approach the media to get positive results.

Event Sales 

Overview: Whether you want to work for an agency or a venue or in the corporate sector, you will need excellent sales and negotiation skills. Learn how to develop and manage relationships to maximise sales and client longevity.

Sustainable Events

Overview: Learn about how to make your event environmentally friendly. Discover how to source the best ‘green’ supplier and learn about emerging attitudes to environmental issues.

Exam Revision

Overview: Join the online exam revision webinar to help you recap your learning and prepare you for the exam.

How Do I Enrol?

Just click the Enrol Now button and you’ll be directed to our payment page where you can enrol two ways:

1) Pay a full course fee of £999 on a debit or credit card

2) Pay by payment plan of 4 monthly payments – with a first instalment of £275 to get you started. If you opt for the payment plan you will pay 3 further monthly payments of £275, which will automatically be deducted at monthly intervals for the next 3 months. Payment plans include an admin fee of £101 and your total course fee is £1100.


If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please contact us HERE.

If you are purchasing this course for an employee/s please contact us HERE to discuss invoicing and group rates.

Once you have paid your full course fee or first instalment, you will have access to the course platform right away and your course will be available for up to 12 months.


Diploma Online


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Between 3-12 Months

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