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Student Services

Our dedicated team in Student Services are here to ensure you have the best possible experience on our courses.

Below are the top 10 questions Student Services are asked by students before they start the course.

How can I prepare for my course?

You will receive a welcome email once your course place is secured along with a suggested reading list.  Purchase of the texts on the reading list are not compulsory as they do not form part of the course curriculum, however they do offer an insight in to the world of events.

Alternatively, professional events industry, blogs, vlogs, magazines and trade publications are also a great introduction to the world of events.

Connecting directly with the Event Academy on social media is a great way to start engaging with the events industry. You can connect with us by via social media – you can find icons to link to all our social media at the foot of this page.

I will be absent from one or more classes; how will this impact my course progress?

If you know in advance that you will be absent, please email Student Services on [email protected] to discuss an authorised absence. You will need to catch up with any work you have missed. All your lesson slides and learning resources are available for you to access and download via your student hub.

If you are unwell and cannot make a class, please let Student Services know on [email protected]  as soon as possible so we can advise the lecturer.

If I miss a class, how can I catch up?

All your lesson slides and learning resources are available for you to access and download via your student hub. We would also advise you to borrow notes taken in class by your fellow students.

It is important that you advise Student Services if you intend to miss a class or are unwell as soon as possible by emailing [email protected]

When will I be allowed to access online learning resources?

We will send you log-in details to access your student hub up to one week before your course start date. You will be able to view and download your learning resources if you wish.

Is there a way of getting in touch with other students before the course?

Yes! You can connect with your fellow students via social media. We will set up a private Facebook group that you will be sent an invite to prior to your course start date.

You can also connect directly with the Event Academy on social media. This is a great way to start engaging with the events industry. Clicking on the following social media buttons.

How do I stay up to date with the Event Academy?

One of the simplest methods of keeping up to date with us is via our social media. Click on the following social media buttons to keep up to date with us:

Linked In

Who can I contact if I am confused about a lesson or project?

If you feel you need help with course content or do not understand something get in contact with Student Services. We will be able to help – we can refer you to the relevant lecturer or Course Director.

Help, I hate exams and find them scary and overwhelming!

Student Services are here to help you through the exam process.  Please get in contact with any concerns you may have. No worry is too big or too small!

Am I eligible to apply for a NUS card?

As a student of the Event Academy you are eligible to purchase a student discount card issued by the National Union of Students (NUS), now called a Totum Card. The Totum card is only available to Diploma,  Postgrad & Degree Alternative students. You will need to contact Student Services here at The Event Academy to complete your application. You can reach us via email by clicking HERE.

The Totum card entitles you to hundreds of discounts and benefits. Please visit the Totum Information page for more details on how the NUS card can benefit you.

Can I apply for a Student Oyster photocard via the Event Academy?

To be entitled to 18+ Student Oyster photo-card you must be enrolled on one of our full-time courses and also meet the minimum criteria of at least 15 tuition-led and/or structured learning hours a week (with attendance at scheduled classes being Monday to Friday only and not including evening classes) over a minimum of 14 weeks on the same course. Please visit the Transport For London website for more information.

Have another question you'd like to ask? We are here to help.