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Career Guidance

Our go-to tools for getting started & making progress in a long-term career within the event management industry.

Here are our top six career questions we are regularly asked.
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Thinking Of A Career Change?

There comes a point in everyone’s life when a change of career seems on the cards. Whether you’ve come to that point through choice or circumstance, we know you’ll be asking yourself that “could I really change careers?” question and we’re just as certain that it’s a question which usually throws up more questions than it answers!

So, our career change segment responds to that with ideas and advice on how to approach your own career change prospects with your best professional foot forwards.

Short of relevant experience? We’ll give you ideas for gaining it.

Feeling under-qualified? We can signpost you towards relevant courses and training. Need reassurance and ideas?

We’ll direct you towards additional resources to help support your ideas and give you the confidence you need to build your new career.

Changing Careers in Later Life

A New Career: Finding  A Perfect Fit

Exploring Transferable Skills

Interested In A More Vocational Course?

Vocational courses offer one of the best ways to retrain for a new career. Vocational courses include a high level of practical, experiential learning which can often be incorporated into actual work or work experience, affording you the opportunity to learn whilst you earn and make your new career pay more quickly.

Vocational courses often offer the chance to build on those transferable skills you already have, especially if you’re coming into event management from a different industry sector or an alternative career path. Our vocational courses include key aspects of event management expertise which will help build on your existing skills and further develop them in the event management context, making you work-ready for your new career in ways which will not only develop your confidence but also develop a complete portfolio of evidence of your event management expertise.

The Benefits of a Vocational Qualification

University Alternatives

Vocational Qualifications vs Degree

Work Placement & Apprenticeship Options

Event Management Volunteering Opportunities

Event Management Career Prospects

Want A Quick Qualification?

Experience is vital in today’s competitive workplace, but qualifications too continue to count. There are now more ways than ever to qualify for event management positions with The Event Academy qualifications which offer full CIM accreditation. Our course programme can take you right through from being an event management hopeful to becoming a qualified event management professional within 14 months.

Check out our Quick Qualifications segment to find out more about our Foundation Certificate and Diploma courses. Both are available as a taught programme or an online learning experience.

Both routes offer access to volunteering opportunities and practical activities to fully prepare you for a career in event management along with a full CIM accredited qualification.

In addition, the Postgraduate programme offers a three month work placement giving you the chance to get involved in and work on large-scale London projects.

Recognised Industry Qualifications

Short Courses in London

Employment Opportunities

Are You Considering Specialising In One Area?

Every industry needs specialists and the events industry is no different. In fact, the events industry offers a vast number of opportunities to specialise by event or sector type, through skill set or through knowledge, experience and expertise of working with a specific client group. Progressing to specialist status can really help to improve your promotion prospects and move you to the specialist salary scales within the fast-moving events industry.

The Event Academy offers opportunities to gain additional ideas and advice about specialising within the event management industry and can help you to manage your own professional development to realise your ambitions to specialise – whatever your preferred area of event management.

High Profile Employers By Sector

Choosing An Event Management Specialism

Job Profile: Wedding Planner

How To Get Into Event Management


Thinking Of Continuing Education To Secure A Job?

What will you do after college? With rising costs of traditional university tuition and a cost of living which seems to be making holiday ‘gap’ years a thing of the past, this “what next?” question is taking on greater relevance for college leavers who are unsure of their next move. If you’re torn between continuing your studies, wanting to earn some money and move into a career quickly or you consider yourself as having the right kind of personality and professional qualities for becoming an event management professional then our continued education programmes can satisfy all of those “what next?” desires:

Continue your studies with our fully accredited courses.

Earn whilst you learn with our short course, online and part-time course options.

Graduate as an event management professional with our level 7 postgraduate programme which can see you move from learning to earning within a year.

Similarly, if you’ve been out of education for a while but are coming back to it as the next step in a new career path, The Event Academy education services could be the perfect way to ease you back into education with our friendly, supportive and high quality learning experience.

Whatever time of life you’re coming to us from and whatever your background or training, visit our continued education audience segment for links to our The Event Academy prospectus and find out more about where continued education with The Event Academy could take you.

Placement Opportunities 

What Can You Learn From Continuing to Learn?

Earning A Degree Level Qualification Without The Cost

Professional Prospects For Event Management Experts


Considering Some Professional Development?

The events industry is one which just doesn’t stand still. As new technologies and innovations trend at global as well as national levels of interest, new venues and methods of delivery and feedback are explored, so new aspects are introduced and incorporated into events.

But these trends not only affect how events are run and what they include, they also have a significant impact on what clients expect when they appoint you to plan their next, best event. To stay fit for the challenge, continuing your professional development is a must. The Event Academy continues to include the latest trends and innovations across all aspects of the events industry across our website and our courses. We are also accredited by the CPD – Continuous Professional Development – so any courses studied can count towards this.

Visit our Professional Development segment for the latest news and ideas about what to be aware of , to inform your practice and maintain you at your event professional best.

Choosing The Right CPD Course 

Professional Recognition In Events

Achieve Success In Professional Development Using Personal Goals

How To Plan Your First Event

Benefits Of Professional Development

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