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Online Event Management Courses

Event Academy provides the only self guided, video tutorial, online event management courses accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The courses are Online Foundation, Online Diploma and Online Postgraduate. Each course features the same expert-led, project-based learning as our classroom courses.

Online Event Management Courses

Study our globally recognised courses, anywhere, on any device, with pre-recorded guided online tutorials. Study at your own pace, gain access to industry webinars & build your CV with volunteering opportunities across different industry sectors.

Prefer to study alongside other students? All of our online courses are also available to study in class.

What career prospects will I have after online events management courses?

Event Academy online events management courses are all CIM-accredited so are industry-recognised. They provide a complete grounding in events and event planning and are well known in the industry.

Anyone who has completed an online events management course has shown a willingness to learn, determination to complete the course and to gain a recognised qualification.

All things that will benefit any job application!

Will an online diploma help me become a wedding or event planner?

Yes! Our online events management courses will help you become a wedding planner or event planner. As both careers utilise the same skills we teach in the courses, they will help.

All three courses provide the skills and experience required to start you off on a career in event planning. Whatever type of events you want to get into, these courses will show you how.

Will I need supplementary courses as well as these courses?

You do not need supplementary courses as well as these online events management courses. We have designed them to be as complete as possible. We cover as much ground and as many topics as we practically can while giving you the time and space to breathe and absorb the information.

All courses are learned at your own pace but there is a lot to learn!

Are the qualifications recognised outside The Event Academy?

Yes! All our online events management courses are CIM-accredited. The Chartered Institute of Marketing is a globally recognised institution so any qualification will be recognised anywhere you want to work.

All three of our courses are accredited, so any of them could help you in your career.

Do I need experience in event management to take these courses?

You do not need experience in event management to take the Online Foundation events management courses. The Online Foundation course is designed for those with zero experience in the role and cover all the fundamentals you’ll need for a career in events.

If you already have some experience, the Online Diploma or Online Postgraduate provide more advanced teaching in many areas of events. Each has been designed to provide the widest possible breadth and depth of training within events to cover as many roles as possible.