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Event Planning Guides

Event planning is one of those industries that never stays still. It is constantly evolving. Whether you’re new to event management or have been blazing a trail for years, there is always something new to learn or challenge to overcome. That’s why we put these event planning guides together. To keep things fresh and new, and to ensure everyone in our industry has the latest actionable information to make every event a memorable one.

These event management guides cover key topics, from planning and advertising to branding or brainstorming and lots of topics in-between. You could call them the A–Z of event planning but we couldn’t come up with a planning topic beginning with Z!

If you’re new to event planning, you may find our ‘What is event management’ page useful. It contains an overview of the industry, key roles, the purpose of the industry, type of events you’re likely to need to plan, what the role involves and so much more. You can also learn a lot more by downloading our essential guide to event management.

Each event management guide has been designed to appeal to the widest possible audience and contain ideas, information, explanations and everything you need to plan your next event. We hope they prove useful!

The event planning guides include:

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