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Course FAQ’s

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Which Course Is Right For Me?

What Are The Entry Requirements?

Our courses all offer flexible entry requirements, ideally one of the following:

2 A-levels and 5 GCSE’s

International Baccalaureate

Experience working in events

Relevant work experience/alternative professional experience

Which Diploma Course Is Right For Me?

What Is The Postgraduate Schedule Like?

What Is The Degree Alternative Schedule Like?

What's The Difference Between Online Certificate and Online Diploma?

What Is It Like Studying The Online Postgraduate Course?

Am I The Right Person For Your Course?

How Do I Gain Experience?

Can I Pay Through A Student Loan?

Why Should I Choose You Over University?

Who Are Your Lecturers?

What Is Your Relationship With CIM?

What Is Your Approach To Learning?

How Long Has Event Academy Been Going For?

What Support Do You Offer On The Course?

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