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School Leaver

So school or college is just finishing or may already be behind you and your whole future lies in front of you, so what's next?

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Do I have to be entirely sure about going into events as a career?

Once school or college are over with, it’s quite common to only have a vague idea about future careers – if at all! Many of our school-leaver students find that our courses not only help them find out more about event management as a possible career but also help them find out about themselves – as school leaver Charlotte found out on our Diploma course.

Read more about Charlotte ’s experience

What’s more, the supportive, creative atmosphere of her Event Academy course helped her to discover and develop plenty of skills which she then used to forge her own business.

Do I need to know what type of events I want to work in?

If you know you’re keen to get into events but are unsure what’s involved, or what’s even on offer then don’t worry, our courses offer plenty of opportunity for finding out! This was certainly Max’s experience across our degree-alternative route into events:

“[…] that’s one of the best things about the course, its that you are introduced to all sides of the industry, so if you don’t know what you want to do, them coming out of the course you’ll definitely have a better idea.”

Find out more about Max’s experience.


I’m a school leaver with no experience of events, how does experiential teaching in event management benefit me?

Moving on from school or college means you may well have had enough of the inside of classrooms for a while – we totally get that! So our courses are based on an experiential model of learning – because most of us learn best by doing, and by learning from those who’ve done it. Yes, there are lectures, but as Stacey, one of our Live Diploma alumni shares:

“The lectures are very inspirational, as all of the professional lecturers have exceptional experience in the events world and have great stories to tell!”

The strong vocational element of our courses is designed around live projects, so that all the theory you learn can be put straight into practice. Our lively volunteering elements bring you the real bonus of gaining professional experience to help you start your career, plus the opportunity to be “out there.”

Read more about Stacey’s Diploma experience


I’m not going to be able to travel to London to study an event management course

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect event management course, then not being able to get to it. Thankfully, the online versions of our courses mean it’s possible to study with us without having to physically join us here in London – and without compromising on the quality of support you receive, as Katherine found when she studied the Online Diploma with us whilst she was in Australia:

“I got everything that I wanted- total flexibility, I got to do my online course whilst still having the best time in Australia – and to top it all off, I got a job out of it!”

Find out more about Katherine’s online study with Event Academy

I’m interested, but what if I need:

  • Flexibility in how I study? Check out our online courses or our part-time Diploma course.
  • The excitement of studying events in London? Our live courses all take place in London.
  • An introduction course, to help me find out about the event management industry? Our Foundation course offers an intensive introduction to the events industry, so you can find out if events is for you.
  • Full-time study which offers a vocational alternative to a degree course? Our Degree Alternative programme of study can be an ideal option to get you into the industry and earning much quicker than a degree route – and with a full CIM-accredited qualification!


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