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We are equally passionate about creating events and the industry that we belong to. We all work in it, we love the buzz and we crave the magic of live experiences. It’s a bit of a drug to be honest.

However, above the events and the business we are totally passionate about making a positive difference to the careers and futures of our students. That’s why we set up the business and that’s what most of us have been doing one way or another for the past 20 years.

What's Our Story?

In 2010, commuting up and down to London on packed trains every day, the four Founders began to have a series of heated conversations about the events industry (the sort of conversation that doesn’t amuse fellow passengers at 7am).

We questioned why event training is so poorly delivered and why students that come out the other side (even at degree level) take so long to get going – we were all running our own agencies at the time. We also questioned why our Government wasn’t properly recognising the events industry and its people for their contribution to society and the economy?

These questions started a serious itch that could only be scratched by each of us leaving our respective agencies and establishing our own event training business. Only then could we be certain to deliver work ready graduates for the industry and create meaningful careers for the students themselves. Only then could we enable students not only to become the best in the industry…but to become the industry itself.

We could also give our fellow commuters a break.

Accreditation and Recognition

The first step to delivering the best training for students and for the industry was to get the highest and most respected accreditation possible. There is no better awarding body in our industry than the CIM. So we spent nearly two years earning the right to be an accredited event training partner. It is vital for us, for future employers and for our students that they experience the most rigorous, thorough and practical learning experiences possible.

Future Focused

At every stage of our development we have been determined to remain current, if not ahead.

  • Each of our lecturers are practitioners, not theorists. They work in the industry, so they know what is going on and who’s in the know.
  • We developed our own online learning platform rather than buying one off the shelf to customise our student’s learning journey.
  • We blend our training and flip some of the classes from live to online, and back again.
  • We have a team of industry partners who are at the cutting edge of not only our industry but also the related disciplines of Film, TV, Production, Theatre and Music.
  • We look to lead, not follow. Our alumni help us keep close to the sharp, working edge of the business as they progress with their careers.

Global, International, Diverse

Events are truly global experiences. Not only can they be broadcast to a world wide audience (like the Olympics or Glastonbury) but they serve as a shared expression of human contact, communication and connection ranging from political or environmental to sport and music.

In the same way we are a global event training business, delivering courses internationally online and through partners in different regions.


Above all, it will be your individual experience through the journey of one of our courses that you will remember most. This is something else we discussed at length on that commuter train in 2010. How can we look after and support students so that they are able to focus on their learning experience. From the first time you speak to us on the phone, to the day you get your results and beyond we are here for you.


One of the best ways of getting ahead and generating experience of the in the industry is volunteering. Again its something we feel strongly about. We provide our students and alumni unique access to a wealth of volunteering opportunities. If you’re prepared to get stuck in there are film, theatre, tv, celebrity, charity, fashion, sport and music events happening all over London and the UK all of the time. Through these experiences you will increase your network of contacts and build a black book of suppliers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Here are some of the great things we do.

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