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12 months


University of London and King’s College London

At less than a third of the price and duration of a University Degree this Course enables students to graduate with a CIM accredited Postgraduate qualification including a 3 month work placement.

This Course will:

  • Give you the highest level of accreditation in the industry through the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)
  • Expose and connect you to our team of experts and lecturers who are leading the industry
  • Develop you as a great event manager, equipped and confident to succeed through experiential learning, rather than ‘death by powerpoint’
  • Equip you with new business, marketing and communication skills, beyond event management
  • Open up a network of industry contacts, volunteering and job opportunites developed over the past 20 years

The course has been absolutely vital to my success in the industry because it has given me a real firm foundation with a lot of practical training.

Chirag Patel

AEG Live


Our goal is to provide the best event training courses available and prepare our students to achieve meaningful careers.

We do this by involving students, not only in how to design and deliver successful events, but also how to pitch, interview, work in and manage teams. We call this achievement being ‘work ready’. It’s what the industry requires from us and its what our students love doing. To date over 2000 students have passed through the Academy and over 85% of the Postgraduates are employed in the event industry a year on from their graduation.

Our Degree Alternative course incorporates 3 levels of accredited training, resulting in students graduating with a Level 7 postgraduate diploma (accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing).

We enhance the 3 courses with dedicated support and mentoring from our Lecturers and Course Directors, enabling students to qualify at Postgraduate level within 12 months and for a third of the cost of a traditional degree.


Live in class
Level 3
One week intensive course, run from King’s College London

A one week (5 day) course that sets you up for the next two courses. The course is structured to give you an intensive burst of learning each morning, following which you will visit key London event venues in the afternoon. This enables you to directly apply your newly learnt skills in a real-life situation.

You will learn the fundamental principles of organising an event, identify how they fit within business, charitable and social environments, how to market an event and how to manage it from A-Z. This foundation will equip you with the necessary confidence to move on to the next course – a Level 4 Diploma.

Mentoring – part one

The Mentoring and Support elements of the Degree Alternative begin as soon as you have completed the Foundation Certificate Course and have committed to continue your studies. They will then continue until you graduate.

Mentoring comprises the following:

  • 3 x 1 hour meetings, either in person or via skype
  • 2 x 15 minute phone calls
  • Personal performance reviews
  • Setting targets
  • Personal guidance through the project phase


Level 4
Level 4 diploma hosted on our own dedicated learning platform

The online diploma provides all the knowledge and tools you need to run an event and develops your ability to create, build and pitch your event concepts as part of an integrated project that runs throughout the course.

The advantage of taking this diploma online is that you can not only complete it faster but that you will have all the modules available to review and revisit as many times as you need.

Mentoring – part two

Further meetings, mentoring and telephone support both during and after the diploma course will help you address any areas you need help with and ensure you are ready for the Postgraduate course.

See specific breakdown of what it comprises of in mentoring – part one


Live in class
Level 7
A 3 months in class at university of London + 3 months work placement

The Postgraduate Diploma covers all aspects of the events industry in depth. This course provides classroom-based learning with site visits and live briefs. Developing your skills as part of a team, this flagship course will build your leadership and creative capabilities. It will effectively complete your skills and understanding to ensure that you are work ready. This course culminates in the exciting and practical experience of a 3-month work placement in an agency or organisation of your choice.

What you get from the course

By the end of the degree alternative course you’ll be able to walk into a work placement at one of the many companies we’re partnered with, building your career from a dynamic but firm foundation. You will also be able to take advantage of the many volunteering opportunities that we are networked into as well as the various job offers that we are a hub for. You will also graduate into our alumni network, comprising over 2,000 fellow event international professionals, movers and shakers.

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