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Why are we different?

We are different principally because we are the only officially accredited course by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

All our courses are carefully scrutinised and all final qualifications are ratified by the CIM.

View our accreditation from The CIM.

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A fast track, work ready, academic qualification for the 1/3 of a cost of a degree

Guaranteed 3 month work placement with additional coaching on interview skills, CV creation & job roles

Build your CV while you learn at events including Brit Awards, Glastonbury & Secret Cinema

Up to date course content with expert lecturers covering all aspects of live, virtual & hybrid event management

Visit multiple event venues and agencies to get behind the scenes

Over 3,000 graduates in the industry – instant contacts and credibility

"University is not for everybody”

Clare Marchant, Head of UCAS - Sunday Times
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Who are the Event Academy?

The Event Academy was founded to prepare students for the incredible, diverse world of events.

The founders, Rupert Fitzmaurice, Claire Derrick & Lorne Armstrong, knew that Universities were letting students down. Each was running their own agency at the time, yet they were all struggling with the same frustration: the problem of finding ‘work-ready’ event managers because existing event training was being poorly delivered.

Even students with degrees were struggling to find employment in the industry because their degrees provided theory and knowledge, but very little practical experience.

So the Event Academy founders set out to develop a course which could open doors to the industry by providing practical knowledge and those professional, ‘work-ready’ skills.


What is Event Management?

Today the events industry contributes over £84 billion to the UK economy, with over 25,000 businesses in the sector and employing estimated 750,000 people (Department of Digital Culture Media & Sport 2022 statistics).

The Event Academy has grown in tandem with the industry and is now an industry-recognised events education provider, offering the only courses in the UK which are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

At Event Academy, our event management courses are not only career-focused but industry aligned so our successful students graduate with the event management experience and knowledge needed to build successful careers in the events industry.

What Qualifications Will the Students Receive?

Our degree-alternative course is a one year qualification for less than a third of the cost of a University equivalent, offers a work placement opportunity and students come away with level 7 (Master’s degree-equivalent) qualifications.

The depth of study in our courses directly maps across to the UK’s National Qualifications Framework, as follows:

  • Foundation course: level 3
  • Diploma course: level 4
  • Postgraduate course: level 7
  • Degree Alternative course: level 7 by successful completion of the course.

Who are the Chartered Institute of Marketing?

The UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing is a globally recognised body which is well respected in the events and business industries. Event Academy is currently the only UK event management course provider offering CIM-accredited courses.

For over 100 years, CIM has supported, represented and developed marketers, teams, leaders and the profession. As the world’s leading professional marketing body with over 28,000 members worldwide, they also hold a Royal Charter status.

Where are the Work Placements?

The work placement opportunity available with our advance-stage courses (Postgraduate and Degree Alternative) provides a springboard to a career, as well as networking for professional practice and employment openings.

The Event Academy’s support into employment doesn’t stop when the course is finished. We continue to support our students with work placements and ongoing career opportunities in the global events industry.

We are proud to say that 92% of our advanced-stage learning students are in employment within six months of graduating.

What is the Difference to a University Alternative?

With tuition fees and living costs now making university so expensive it isn’t even an option for many, it’s not surprising that education alternatives which offer a faster, less costly and more experiential learning route into a professional role are becoming increasingly popular after A Levels.

At Event Academy our courses are delivered by expert tutors, as well as guest industry lecturers. This means our students gain professional insights and knowledge of best-practice by learning how-to through lectures and working on live projects. Because our students have the chance to learn directly from the experiences and expertise of some of the most highly regarded events professionals across many different sectors of the industry, they also offer exceptional value for money through access to high level professional industry contacts and networks.

Concerned About the Costs?

We understand that costs can be a concern and we are here to help with a number of different payment plans. The best way to move forward is to book a call with our team and we can discuss the options open to you. Plus it’s worth considering the REAL comparison with a Uni course.