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Professional Prospects for Event Management Experts

Already valued at around £39.1 bn in 2014, the events industry continues to flourish as the UK maintains its Olympic 2012 legacy as the global venue of choice for international events, as well as hosting millions of domestic events … to a total of around 1.3 million meetings and events annually.*

As a result, the events industry itself is progressing to a considerably more professional footing, with the introduction of industry-wide standards of practice, CMI accredited event management qualifications and newly established career paths.

All of this now makes it more than possible to forge a career in events management that can lead to niche expertise and significant salaries for those who prove themselves to have professionalism as well as personality and flair. But if you have what it takes, where can a role in events management take you?

Financial future

Whilst good salaries have long been available to effective, imaginative and successful event managers, an overall salary structure is starting to develop as more individuals join the events industry at various points of ability or knowledge.

Lower paid entry-level jobs are available through event apprenticeships and assistant roles, for those with little or no experience, whilst event management training and experience can see event managers earning at the next level. On top of this, depending upon the circumstances of the job (such as being employed by a specific corporation or company, working in the public sector, working for an event agency or working freelance) successful events staff can also be given commission-based payment or bonuses for successful events.

Initial salaries can vary from £15,000 to £35,000 per annum, relative to age, experience and level of responsibility. Salary can also depend on the type of company / terms of employment, as it’s certainly the case that larger companies and landmark conference venues which run significant special events often pay higher salaries to their in-house event management team, in comparison to public sector event managers.

Graduates too may be able to command higher starting salaries, as Diploma and Postgraduate qualifications run by Event Academy include a full package of hands-on event management experience as well as theory and understanding of professional practice. Companies are more than prepared to pay higher salaries to graduates with this type of qualification as they already demonstrate significant training and come to the role with considerable experience.

Prospects for promotion

It’s worth noting that the role some companies term “event manager” can be the same as “events assistant”, depending on the company, but whatever the role’s nominal title, the event industry offers good rewards for a proven track record and history of managing successful events.

Promotion prospects are good overall and event managers and assistants can expect their earnings to increase year-on-year, particularly as experience and a timeline of successful event creation and organisation is established. Event managers with over 15 years’ experience tend to be the highest earners, commanding top salaries which average over £50,000 per annum and can even reach upwards of £70,000 per annum, for top management in certain corporations.

Improving your prospects

Improving your prospects for working in events management can make the difference between event management as “just a job” or in forging a career leading towards those top salaries. Whatever the stage of your events career, there are several things you can do to benefit your progress:

Available for hire

Whether you’re fresh from college or are making a career change later on in life, if you’re trying to get the first foot in the door, then improve your hiring prospects by:


Event Academy runs online as well as venue-based courses which include practical and theoretical modules.

Aiming higher

If you have a role in events management but feel that you want to jump-start the progression opportunities for your career, it’s worth considering:


Wherever you are in your professional event management career, it certainly pays to keep developing your skills through experience and qualification routes. Even once you’ve proved yourself to be a recognised professional, there is always something you can do to progress to the next level of practice and salary in this growing industry.


*Source: BVEP report.

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