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Career Change

Looking for a fresh start or a re-start when it comes to your career? It’s more common than you think.

I’m rethinking my career due to lack of progression - what are my prospects in this industry?

Changing the direction of your career in order to improve prospects – career or financial – are popular reasons for making a career change, to and from all kinds of industries.  What makes moving into events a good move currently is that this is a growth industry, worth over £42.3 billion a year to the UK economy – and rising (Eventbrite). Seriously,  with over 25,000 businesses across the sector, the prospects are bright for successful event professionals.

But don’t take our word for it … listen to what someone who now certainly falls in the “successful event professional” category has to say! Charlotte really wanted to make a change and, after studying events on our Diploma course to support her ambitions and improve her options, Charlotte successfully made the move from a dull desk-bound job to an exciting international role as Head of Events for a software firm and she’s adamant that:

“Without the course I’d be sat at my same desk in London doing the same job that I was doing.”

Watch the video on Charlotte’s career progression since studying on the part-time Diploma course with Event Academy

I’ve spent years in different roles, will all my expertise count if I swap to a career in event management?

One of the reasons working in the events industry is so exciting is because event management encompasses many professional roles – and being a true professional relies on high levels of competency and capability across many different skill sets.

So, whatever role or roles you’ve had in the past, any and all of these will have helped you to develop some of those transferable skills which will be essential when working in events. When you think about it, many careers in other sectors such as teaching, hospitality, catering and business will have helped develop your transferable skills such as organisation, communication, administration – so wherever you’re coming to events from, you’ll have plenty of desirable skills – and even expertise to bring to your new role.

This was certainly something Chirag Patel found when he switched careers from academia to events. Chirag used the 6 months study and work placement of our Postgraduate Live course to really transfer his existing skills and fast-develop his industry skills to get his new career started – and as a really successful Freelance Content and Production Manager, he hasn’t looked back since!

See what Chirag has to say about changing careers with Event Academy

I’ve had enough of what I’m doing now, and want to shake things up with new challenges

A career change can happen for many different reasons. So, when work isn’t working, redundancy looms or other commitments need to take priority, finding new opportunities can be personally and professionally rewarding.

This was certainly the case for Jen Trevorrow, who wanted to launch herself into the new challenges of event management, from an earlier career in marketing and journalism. Jen prepared for her career switch via our Postgraduate course. After successful completion of her 3 months of industry learning, followed by 3 months of industry practice in the work placement element of the course, Jen started her new career with a paid role in a marketing campaign for Coca-Cola.

Read more about Jen’s experience

I’ve got responsibilities and can’t afford to stop earning whilst retraining for a new career - what can I do?

Our part-time Diploma course is one of our most popular courses for three very good reasons:

  • It runs part-time: two evenings a week for 3 months. This gives you the flexibility to stay in your current role, whilst learning about the events industry, so you can keep earning whilst you’re preparing for a career switch!
  • It’s a certified qualification, with industry-respected CIM accreditation, which is a great way to demonstrate your value and capabilities to potential employers: the qualification demonstrates to them there’s no need to train you up, whilst our qualifications help your CV stand out as you move across into this highly competitive industry.
  • It includes access to volunteering opportunities which can be fitted into your existing schedule and help you to gain the experience you need for your new career.

The part-time, short-term structure of the Diploma also gives you the benefit of being able to study event management and find out more about the events industry without having to give up your current role – ideal if you’re not 100% sure about your eventual career plans.

It was this structure which worked exceptionally well for Matt King, who studied the evening Diploma course whilst working in his full-time admin role. By the time he’d successfully gained the qualification, he’d decided that events was not only his best-fit but also his passion for a future career and a springboard for his creative talents. So, Matt moved straight into an events role and has continued to forge himself a whole new career.

Read more about Matt’s career-changing experience

I’m interested, but what if I need:

  • To gain professional skills quickly? From start to finish our Postgraduate course takes just six months: three of full-time study and three of full-time work placement – so in less than a year you could be working as event professional thanks to a CIM-accredited Event Academy course.
  • An introduction course, to help me find out about the event management industry? Our Foundation course offers an intensive introduction to the events industry, so you can find out if your graduate career lies in events.
  • Flexibility in how I study? Check out our online courses or our part-time Diploma course.
  • The excitement of studying events in London? Our live courses all take place in London.

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