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Want One of 2018’s Top Jobs? Jump Into Event Management

Last updated December 7th, 2018
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Glassdoor recently published an interesting article outlining the 25 Best Jobs in the UK. Whilst it’s a thought-provoking read in itself, it’s also fascinating to note that at least 6 roles mentioned can be found in event management.

These event career roles include:

So the good news: although we already know event management’s a fantastic sector to work in, many of the exciting roles on offer within this vibrant industry are now also recognised elsewhere – another strong sign there’s never been a better time to jump into event management.

And the challenge – if you’re up for it? Hmm, well, if you’re hoping to bag yourself one of those top jobs in the event industry, you’re likely to see plenty of competition!


So, it makes sense to equip yourself with as much information and experience as you can get and happily, we can help … first by giving you some information about what these ‘best jobs’ look like in the events world, then by explaining what you can do to make your application stand out from the crowd.

Researching those roles

Take some training

As well as having Manager in the title and being event industry relevant, another common thread across those roles is they also include a business and marketing context. So, it makes sense that any event education you take up should also include a focus on marketing. Ways to achieve this include:

Gaining an industry-respected, relevant qualification can certainly make your applications stand out, something which can make a real difference when getting started – especially if you’re emerging on your first career path or trying to break into events from another sector.


Event Academy courses are all based around experiential learning from event industry experts and can play a vital role not just in providing you with qualifications which demonstrate what you know and can do, but in additionally gaining vital hands-on experience and key skills needed for role-readiness.

Relevant experience

Gaining relevant experience is also essential for your CV and for presenting yourself knowledgeably at interviews:

Courses which provide experiential learning – doing it, as well as learning about it from industry experts – is a real focus of ours. We aim that all of our courses should assist you in creating a ready portfolio of experience to support starting a career in event management.

Suitable skills

Whatever your current situation: fresh out of school, college, uni, a career-break or a career in a whole other sector, you’ll have plenty of skills already – such as communication, using digital technology and social media, organisation and administration skills.
Our event management courses aim to specifically support you in transferring those skills into the event management context – then help you develop any extra which are needed, particularly

if you have a role you’re aiming for, like developing your marketing skills through our relevant modules, ready for Marketing Manager roles.

And finally, about that 2018 timescale … many of our courses run in less than a year, so it may not take you long to go from hopeful to professional as you jump into event management. This could be true for you whether you’ve got one of Glassdoor’s top roles in mind or another one entirely. Hint: wedding planner is also a hot role this year, thanks to the romantic Royals!

Just so you know …

You’re warmly invited to come along to our next Open Evening to find out more about how our courses can make a difference for a career in events.

Salaries for any of the events roles mentioned can vary widely depending on whether in-house or contracted, private, public or corporate sector. To get some idea of salaries for these professional roles within events, you might like to take a look at ESP recruitment salary checker.

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