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Making an Event of It: Recognised Industry Qualifications

Standing out as a candidate in the competitive world of the events industry is something which can be achievable through talent, opportunity and sheer hard work alone.

However, many potential event managers know that the opportunities to showcase their talents at their professional best are greatly increased by successfully gaining a recognised industry qualification.

Whose recognition counts?

There are many qualifications out there, some of which offer great skills-based learning but little in the way of accreditation or recognition. With its significant overlap with the marketing industry, event industry qualifications of note include those which carry recognition from The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), one of the worldwide leaders in professional marketing. CIM are involved in industry-relative qualifications because themselves they recognise:

As such, CIM accredit several event management training courses run by Event Academy, in recognition of the professional content of the courses and standards of delivery and because CIM are an internationally recognised professional body, this adds an international appeal to the qualifications too.

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The benefit of recognition

A successful event manager candidate comes away from a course with a qualification and a wealth of experience to draw upon, but this isn’t the extent of the benefits of gaining the qualification. After the hard work of study and professional practice, a recognised qualification can also be:

But earning, expertise and employment for the newly qualified event manager aren’t the only benefits a recognised qualification in event management brings, there are others who benefit too:


Event industry qualifications not only benefit the potential employee by demonstrating skills at a CV level during an initial application sift, they also benefit the employers by making their short-listing criteria easier.

Recognised qualifications demonstrate attainment of standards of professionalism which offer assurance to employers as to the calibre of candidates. This can be followed up with interviews and even offer additional question opportunities for an in-depth interview and demonstrate a guaranteed level of experience.

It also highlights to employers that the candidate already has a qualified level of training and sector experience, making it easier to match them confidently to specific teams, events and projects.

Event industry

Recognised industry qualifications benefit the events industry as a whole by raising the bar for standards and clearly benchmarking the required operational and personal skills required by the new national standards and to deliver quality events which ensure the health, safety, entertainment and educational needs of attendees are met to the required professional standards.

Whilst all event management companies are not created equal, recognised event management qualifications deliver qualified personnel who are equal to the role of a professional event manager. Additionally, and just as importantly, industry-relevant qualifications also reflect the high level of skills involved in the industry.

Event clients

Event clients seek the services of event managers for many reasons, but these most likely include lack of time, skills or creative opportunity to organise relevant events – be it for a small company event, personal celebratory event or international corporate event.

Knowing that the event manager who’s in charge of their event has an industry recognised qualification reflects an endorsement of the skills and professional services on offer. In turn, this enriches the level of trust and confidence that an event client is always required to show in their event manager, something which is readily expected but not always readily delivered. A qualification can really inspire this confidence.


Successfully obtaining an event management qualification also delivers a level of event expertise within those core competencies of management and marketing which benefits everyone involved. With the proven ability to manage right from the stage of initial enquiry through to delivering and then dismantling a major event, expertise in the field (or stadium, hotel or conference centre, for that matter) which is gained and reflected in a professional qualification is a benchmark of expertise.

With event management encompassing skills in management, organisation, sales and marketing, as well as requiring flair in creativity and communication, finding qualifications which reflect these extensive skills sets can be a tall order.

However, with the lead of CIM in accrediting the right, relevant courses through reputable providers such as Event Academy, finding the right qualification at any level of learning (from Foundation, to Diploma to Postgraduate courses) means that the event industry now has a solid benchmark for professional practice.

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