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Charlotte Starts Her Dream Event Company

Hello! My name is Charlotte Harverson, I am married with a 4 year old son, as well as 3 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats

When Charlotte’s husband landed a new job in Abu Dhabi moving to a new country was quickly followed by a baby and, like most mothers, she chose to put her family before her career.

I had a great job in as a Construction Project Manager in London but being a mother came first so I naturally put my career was on hold for a short time.

“I then had an incredible opportunity to join the Australian Embassy and was working there for a few years before they began asking me to help arrange and manage a few events.

I quickly realised events were my passion.”

“Options for Event Management courses are very limited in the Middle East but after some research online, I quickly found The Event Academy!”

“I was looking for a highly accredited and recognised qualification as well as something that was flexible around my family commitments – I immediately liked what I read on the Event Academy website – it was perfect.”

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Charlotte decided that the Online Postgraduate course would suit her best and she enrolled in September 2018 – her career is beginning to take off already!

“About a month ago, lots of elements fell into place and I opened my own Event Management company called In The Detail Events with my business partner.”

We launched the company officially at the start of May by hosting a Grand Charity Iftar in support of a local animal Charity Rescue.

We sold out the event over capacity and raised over 15,000AED – such a great feeling!”

Describe your day to day role and what you love best about it?

I love my job and it’s my total dream to have my own company as each day is totally different!

One day I might be discussing a wedding with a client or looking at decorations for a Hawaiian themed party or even planning the logistics of a huge city wide Adventure Race!

I love the variation; I love the flexibility it gives to my family as I am still able to do the school run etc as I can set my own diary.

Could Event Management be right for you? Get Our FREE Essential Event Management Guide

So we asked Charlotte if she had any advice for anyone considering taking the bold step of doing a course in Event Management…

Just do it! There is always a reason to not do something –  ‘the timings not right or it’s a busy period’…

I nearly talked myself out of it but sometimes you just have to go for it and trust that everything else will fall into place.

Also don’t forget to have hobbies for yourself! Everyone jokes that I can’t fit another thing into my time, but for me, that’s the best way to be!

This course mirrors our highly successful live Postgraduate programme from which over 90% students graduate into successful careers in the events industry.
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We believe that the difference between this course and others in the market is that we give you the confidence and practical skills to enable you to progress into a meaningful career in events.

The Course gives you total flexibility:

  • It’s run on our own bespoke platform, custom built for the job and designed with event learning in mind. This dedicated space enables you to access your learning with confidence, at any time and from any device
  • The content of the course reflects the live postgraduate course. It is curated, designed and laid out so that the user experience is instinctive, natural and appropriate for this level of study
  • Each section has a number of modules (lessons) that are delivered on video. See the Course details in the brochure for more info.
  • There’s the opportunity to interact with the Course Director and fellow students through the platform and via dedicated webchats
  • There are individual tasks and team projects on which you will work alongside students from around the world
  • You’ll complete the course with an exam that, combined with your project work, will form your final assessment
  • Throughout you will be supported with specialised, one to one skills training from the Course Director

Course Details

Core Topics

Our Core Topics are at the very centre of your skill base and give you the solid foundations you’ll need to design and deliver any type of live experience. These topics are designed by industry experts and the CIM (our accrediting body) to create a blend of practical and academic learning. This structure helps you to get ‘work ready’.

  • Event journey – Learn the steps of the journey event professionals follow in putting together an event – from the very beginning when taking a client brief, logistics, on-the-day management to the final debrief.
  • Setting up a project – Learn how to turn a client brief and a set of ideas into reality. Use documentation specifically designed to enhance the event journey.
  • Creative Process – Learn how to guide a client through the initial stages of a project to develop the very best creative ideas for their event.
  • Venue management – Learn how to search for the right venue, negotiate the best hire rates for your client and build good relationships with key staff.
  • Supplier management – Learn how to source the best suppliers and develop great working relationships with them so that they give you a first class service every time.
  • Client and customer relations – Learn about the importance of building positive, strong relationships with your client. One major factor of winning business is whether a client likes you and your team and can envisage a successful event with you in charge.
  • Design & Print – Learn the fundamentals of design and how important it is to have the right collateral for pre-event marketing and on site documentation. Discover how to write a design brief and manage the print production process.
  • H & S Legal – Learn the important factors that contribute to event Health & Safety. By the end of the course you’ll be able to define the Risks associated with your event, create a Risk Assessment and implement a full Health & Safety plan.

Key Modules

Our Key Modules are designed to inform, educate and engage you with the breadth and detail of event management within key areas of the industry. Within these modules you will be able to develop your core skills and build on the foundations that you will learn in the Core Topics .

  • Weddings – From an initial meeting with the bridal party, choosing the perfect venue, negotiating with suppliers, theming techniques and taking care of wedding legalities, you’ll learn what it takes to create and manage the most important day for a Bride & Groom.
  • Conferences & Corporate Events – In the world of commerce you’ll need to organise first class events. Explore the corporate event journey and develop skills designed to give your delegates a great experience that will enhance their business skills and productivity.
  • Sports & Hospitality – Step inside the fast paced world of sporting events and see how they have developed over the years. Learn how they are constructed and what it takes to put together the best hospitality packages on the market.
  • Production & Technical – Production and technology are exciting aspect of events. Learn how good production can enhance an event and bring it to life visually. Discover ways to make state-of-the-art technology work to achieve event objectives. Build your technical vocabulary and talk with confidence to Production companies.
  • Budgeting – Financial intelligence is a MUST for every event professional. You’ll not only learn how to create and manage a budget, but also to how to use it as an effective management-reporting tool. You’ll also learn how to analyse a budget after an event and use it to forecast future success.
  • Event Sponsorship – Sponsorship is a major contributing factor to the success of many events. Learn why this area can be so crucial and how it affects the way in which events are put together.
  • Fashion & Private Parties – Enter the glamorous world of fashion events and private parties and learn the skills needed to manage them successfully. You’ll get to see what goes on behind the scenes and how ‘Red Carpet’ events are constructed to create an impressive world of glitz and glamour!
  • Festivals – Festivals are fun, exciting and are growing in popularity around the world. Learn about the logistics of these large-scale events and the importance of balancing safety versus free movement and the experience of festival-goers.
  • Exhibitions – Exhibitions are valuable events as they allow face-to-face communication and offer opportunities for business networking. Learn how to design the perfect exhibition space and create the correct ‘flow’ for attendees to maximise their visit.
  • Marketing an Event – Learn how to use marketing tools for research, planning and analysis. You’ll be able to create a marketing plan that will define your target audience, shape your event and how you promote it and ensure it achieves your client’s objectives.
  • Experiential Marketing – “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand”. Learn how to harness the unique power of live experiences to excite and immerse audiences to achieve business objectives and increase brand awareness.
  • PR – Public Relations is key to creating positive messages surrounding events that can be distributed tactically to audiences. Learn the principles of effective PR, how to create press releases, liaise with journalists and to react and deal with negative publicity.
  • Social Media – Social Media is a vital element to any event experience. Become accomplished in the world of Social Media and develop the skills to create, implement and measure the success of a SoMe strategic plan.
  • Fundraising – Fundraising events are rewarding to organise and can raise large amounts of money for good causes. Discover the psychology behind why people attend charity events and what makes a person give to one good cause over another. Learn the process of how to put together charity events, negotiate the best supplier deals and measure success through fundraising ratios.
  • Celebrity Events – Celebrities can enhance an event and increase it’s power to deliver on its objectives. Learn how to choose the right celebrity for your event, liaise with their agent and look after them on site, to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Sustainable Events – Learn how to think and act in an eco-friendly way and consider alternative ways of working in everything you do for your event, from sourcing suppliers, printing materials and on-site waste management.


Support & Interaction


You’ll be able to join our regular live webinars that are designed to consolidate learning and enhance your event management skills.

One to one tutorials

You’ll have access to a personal tutor who will support you throughout your course. Each one-to-one session allows you to get the individual academic support you need and to discuss your personal career plan.

Interview skills and CV

Throughout the course you’ll continuously be perfecting your professional skills to get you ‘work ready’.

Social Media Skills

You’ll develop the skills needed to set yourself up as a professional on various Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Once you’ve mastered this you’ll then learn how to promote your event using the most appropriate Social Media – a vital skill in todays digital world.

Presentation & Pitch skills

Learn how to present your event ideas to a client in the most effective way and win business

Setting up a business

Whether you want to set up your own event business or become an event management consultant, this module will be invaluable to you. You’ll learn how a business is created and get handy tips building a successful client base.

Webinar revision and exam tips

You’ll be given comprehensive revision notes after you’ve taken part in a live webinar to recap on all your learning. You’ll also get handy revision tips that should make your exam run smoothly.


We’ll assess your learning in the following ways:

1 x Individual Assessment

12.5% of overall grade. Your first assignment will be a reflective report about one aspect of the event industry.

3 x Group Assessments

Each 12.5% of overall grade. You’ll have the chance to work with a global team to create 3 exciting event concepts.

Final Examination
40% of overall grade. You’ll be required to complete a 3 hour online examination to test your academic knowledge.

Discretionary Grade

10% of overall grade. You’ll receive a discretionary grade based on your input into the course through live webinars and one-to-one sessions with tutors.

How To Enrol

To enrol on the Online Postgraduate course you must book a short phone consultation and receive an offer letter. Book your consultation HERE

Once you have been approved on the course, you can click the Enrol Now button and you’ll be directed to our payment page where you can enrol three ways:

1) Pay a full course fee of £3,950 on a debit or credit card.

2) Pay a deposit of £800 to secure your place and the remaining balance of  £3,150 two weeks before your course start date.

3) Pay a deposit of £810 and the remaining balance on a payment plan of 12 monthly payments of £285. You must make your first payment plan instalment payment of £285 two weeks before the course starts. If you opt for the payment plan you will pay 11 further monthly payments of £285, which will automatically be deducted at monthly intervals for the next 11 months. This includes an admin fee of £280 and your total course fee is £4,230.


If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please contact us HERE

If you are purchasing this course for an employee/s please contact us HERE to discuss invoicing and group rates.

Once you have paid your full course fee or deposit, you will be sent a welcome email. You will be given access to your full course on the course start date and content will be available for 18 months.