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Event Essentials

Understand & develop the core skills to be a successful event planner.

The course is broken down into four stages…find out more below.

The Event Journey

A comprehensive introduction to event management and the essential guide to becoming an event planner.

The Event Journey is a model created by The Event Academy that tracks the pathway of an event. It begins with strategic planning which involved both client and event organiser. It then progresses through logistical planning covering pre-event tasks, on-the-day management and post-event analysis. Each component of the Journey is critical to the success of any event.


  • The Event Journey
  • Strategic vs Operational event planning
  • Objective setting
  • Event Briefs (how to give and how to respond)
  • Event Communications

Setting Up A Project

When objectives have been set for an event you are now ready to engage in logistical planning. This is the part of event management that involves ‘doing’. From creating documentation templates, identifying target audiences, bringing ideas alive to measuring the success of an event. Being organised, calm and focused is key to a successful project.


  • Delegates, attendees, guests and customers
  • Problem solving/solution providing
  • Technical, logistics and venues
  • Agendas, running orders, timelines
  • Setting up your own event project
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • What makes a successful event?

Creativity In Events

Creativity is achieved through repeated application, observation and practice. It is an essential part of the initial planning stages of an event and can greatly enhance the guest experience. Whether you think you are naturally creative or not, you’ll need to master this discipline to achieve good results.


  • Creativity explained
  • How to use Creativity in event planning
  • Techniques for inspiring a client
  • Bringing ideas to life

A Day In The Life Of....

This short film sets out to give you a first hand insight into the amazing world of events and event management, through interviews with professionals from various industry sectors.


  • Guide to the diversity of the event industry
  • Understanding of the day to day tasks of an event professional
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