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Technical Production, Print and Design

A comprehensive overview of venue design, technical production, and the process of producing printed materials for all types of event.

Dispel the myths with the tools and skills required to successfully navigate the production process.

Technical Production

Learn the language used by Production agencies so that you feel confident in talking to technical crews on site.

  • Understand the meaning of production and when it is required
  • Appreciate the role and responsibility of a Production Manager / Producer
  • Grasp a general knowledge of Staging, Rigging, Scenery, Sound and Light
  • Recognise costs for each area of production
  • Comprehend how AV and special effects can enhance an event
  • Create and use production documentation
  • Create simple event site plans and interpret key documentation plans
  • Use basic production terminology
  • Manage the process for developing video stings, voice overs and editing

Design & Print

Gain a comprehensive insight in the process of creating printed collateral for your events – on time and on budget.

  • Understand the meaning of design and print for events
  • Understand when it is appropriate to use design and print and how it can enhance events
  • Appreciate the role and responsibility of a designer / creative director and how to work with them
  • Grasp general knowledge of the design, print and production process
  • Recognise costs for each area of design
  • Be able to create and use print and design documentation
  • Create a design brief
  • Securing client buy-in and taking them on the design journey with you
  • Use basic design terminology
  • Manage the processes for designing and printing all materials needed for an event

Technical Production, Print and Design


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