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Virtual Event Management

Whether you are planning a meeting for 10 people or an event for 100 people – this is an essential skill.

How do you make virtual interactive and engage your guests?

Introduction To Virtual Events

Listen to Event Academy’s Commercial Director, Lorne Armstrong interview one of the industry’s leading experts as he gives his views on the current global climate. Kim Mhyre draws on his year’s of strategic experience to talk about how virtual events will change the landscape for the industry, and what this means for event planners.

Engaging Your Guests

Kath Goodson from the Creative Engagement Group challenges us to think from a client perspective when we begin to develop our plans for virtual events. How can we create that WOW and make online as good as (if not better than) live experiences? She challenges us on how to engage audiences and bring content to life.

Choosing The Right Platform

Production expert, Jon Coventry guides us through the complex journey of choosing the right platform for an event. He explains how to set objectives for clients and ask the right questions to the right people, in order to get what you want and need.

Being A Virtual Event Planner

Tim gives practical advice on being a virtual event planner – he covers a wide range of subjects including ‘online fatigue’ ‘reading body language remotely’ and the stresses of presenting to camera. Tim gives his top tips on how to deal with them in a positive way and get the most out of a virtual audience.

Going Virtual - What Next?

Nelita Groppa is a b2b Conference expert and has had first hand experience of pivoting a company to succeed in the virtual events arena. She gives her advice on how to plan virtual events and the logistical considerations you’ll need to consider in the lead up to event day.

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