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Making online study work for you

Last updated September 25th, 2015
We talk to a lot of people who want to retrain, but aren’t sure how to fit this in with their busy lifestyle and who can’t take time off work to study full time. Studying an online course can be a really good option, as long as the course is well designed and constructed. An increasing number of our students are finding online study is a great option alongside launching their own business. They need flexibility to focus on work when new clients get in touch and then come back to study when the business quietens down a bit.

What about lectures?

The main difference is that you don’t have to attend lectures or workshops at specified times. With one of our courses you will instead have access to video lectures, given by exactly the same experts that give our in person lectures. Our top tip here is to set aside time that works for you to review the lectures. You can view them from anywhere you have access to the internet. You can do this your lunch break at work, first thing before anyone else is up or even while you are travelling in Australia (one of our students actually did that!)

What if I don’t understand all the ideas?

Firstly, you have access to the video lectures so you can rewatch them as many times as you like. No more worrying about how good your notes are! If you know that your learning style is best suited to being able to revisit the course material then an online course is ideal. Also if English isn’t your first language it is really useful to have access to the video lectures.

What if I have questions?

Of course, everyone has questions when they are studying. The point in a good teacher and a good course is to help all students understand the key concepts. You can’t ask questions in the middle of a lecture when you are studying online, but our bespoke online learning portal gives you a place to chat with classmates and contact lecturers to ask questions and share ideas. We also ensure every online student has one to one discussion time with our Course Director, Justine, and contact details for our lectures and student support team so you can pick up the phone or email any time you need to talk to us.

How will I know what to do when?

To a certain extent, one of the best features of online study is the flexibility to organise your own schedule. Time management and organisation are core skills for any marketing or event management professional, so you’ll benefit from this experience in your later career. However, we don’t leave you struggling with finding your way around. Our online courses are designed to take you on an optimised journey through our modules, so some modules are only available once you have completed others. This will guide you to get the basics in place before you try anything advanced. If you think online study might suit you or you are looking to retrain and want to know more about your options, have a look at our courses. You can download a brochure for our online diploma here or call us on (0)20 7183 5129 to have a chat with Karin and find out more. Featured image by Ingo Bernhardt used under a Creative Commons license
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