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Event Management Training

Last updated August 15th, 2012

“Why should you bother with event management training? Wouldn’t it be better to just get stuck into the industry somewhere? Surely you can learn everything you need to know on the job rather than forking out on some event training?”
Firstly the last statement is a bit of fantasy! This might have been the case ten years ago but the event world has changed and become a lot more competitive and professional. Jobs are rare and career progression is more measured…but otherwise these are reasonable and are common questions that graduates and those looking to change or progress their careers often ask. What is the real benefit of learning vs experience?
Let’s start by saying that there is no definitive answer. However those that undertake event management training courses, as well as the companies that employ event managers, certainly recognize the value of comprehensive training as opposed to the shortcut. Here are some of the benefits:
Students who have recently graduated from event training courses are all in agreement that the network of contacts you obtain whilst training are second to none. This network includes your fellow students, course director, lecturers, alumni and the mix of people you meet during your event planner work placement. Your contacts, along with the experiential learning you receive on eventcourse, provide you with the confidence to go after new roles and to excel quickly as an event professional. Particularly since employers have reported that they are more likely to employ a candidate if they have the combined strengths of base level experience, comprehensive event management training (ideally accredited) and their own pre-existing network of contacts within the event planning industry.
It is a common misconception amongst new job seekers in the event market that the occasional event, wedding or party they organised is sufficient to get them set up. However, as much as employers stress the importance of event experience they are also require a solid and practical foundation in the essential skills needed to be a successful event planner. This applies across all areas of the event industry from private parties through to large-scale company events, conferences and corporate management
“When a student comes to work for us they need to be ready to go. Events don’t hang around and mistakes can be very costly on a live project. We can’t afford to spend 3 months retraining a graduate…they need to be able to contribute on day one”
Jim Curley, MD M-is
So, we have established the benefits of event management training, but why train with Event Academy in particular?
Well for a start, all our courses are based in and run from Central London. As well as being an exciting and dynamic city to be studying in London is also the event capital of the world. In particular last year saw London and the UK hosting some of the world’s biggest events including the Royal Wedding, Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix and of course, the Olympics and Paralympics. London is also a popular choice amongst corporate managers for large-scale international company events. We are the only events course to be accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), which provides qualifications that are highly respected throughout the industry as well as being globally recognised in 140 countries.
As well as our unparalleled location we combine a unique blend of practical, hands on training with a guaranteed placement within the industry. Our Postgraduate training courses are divided into two three-month sections, the first being an intensive learning course led by our team of lecturers, all of whom are experienced event professionals. The second half of the course is the work placement which gives students the opportunity to put all their newly acquired event planner skills into practice whilst working with an agency, venue, charity or in house organising company events. The mark of an excellent event management training course is one that gives students a real head start in their career in events. The Event Academy does just that by combining the training courses and experience that employers are looking for in order to give students the best possible prospects.
So to summarize why invest in Event Management Training instead of just getting experience on the job?

  1. Event training gives you a structured and wide-ranging grounding in event management at all levels from private weddings to global corporate management conferences
  2. The placement opportunity will enable you to make an informed decision about your event role (for example company events manager, festival planner, venue manager or party planner)
  3. Training courses that emphasise the importance of learning through doing are the best and fastest way to get started in events
  4. Employers look for the combination of experience and accredited training
  5. Build a comprehensive network of industry professionals
  6. Have the confidence to deliver events at all levels from pitching to creative production to budgeting to understanding risk/health and safety
  7. Base yourself in Central London, the hub of the events industry
  8. Know what you want to do rather than wanting to do what you know…
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