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Imaginative Party Entertainment Ideas

Last updated September 20th, 2021
Acrobatic dancing entertainer

It is the most exciting and rewarding job on the planet. There is nothing quite like the buzz of delivering a live ‘show’ - often with no rehearsal - it's creative, energetic, intense & totally varied . No day is the same

Lorne Armstrong, Director, The Event Academy

Having a great imagination is a key characteristic of a good events manager but there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others. There’s no such thing as a truly original idea any more so it’s okay to use someone else’s idea and make it your own.

That’s what today’s post is all about. We have collected a selection of imaginative party entertainment ideas to provide inspiration for a future event.

Some are low key and can add something extra to an event while others will be larger or more sophisticated, ideal for levelling up events.

Use one, use them all, we hope you find them useful!

Silhouette artists

We saw a silhouette artist at an event we attended before lockdown and the idea has stuck with us ever since. Rather than cartoonists or caricatures, a silhouette artist has a touch of class that lends itself to more formal parties or corporate events.

It’s also flexible enough to be suitable for parties, weddings or anywhere there’s a corner that needs filling or other low key entertainment required.


Fortune teller

While not everyone subscribes to having their fortune told, it’s another lighthearted entertainment at parties. As long as the fortune teller gets the tone right and knows their audience, it could offer another level of entertainment to parties and other events.

Be mindful of your audience and the various belief systems they may hold and make sure to recruit the right talent for the night. Otherwise, it’s a bit of fun to add to the atmosphere!


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Escape room

Escape rooms are still relevant so it’s a good time to use one in an event. They can be simple to set up but provide hours of entertainment for party goers or attendees.

Escape rooms can also make interesting team games for corporate events as well as sports, school or other types of engagement.


Fire eater

While there’s nothing new about fire eaters, a new breed of performer is out there that add another dimension to this ancient art. They combine costumes, music, choreography and serious skills to provide a compelling show.

They can work as a sideshow or a warmup act. As long as the venue supports it and they have enough space and air to work safely, they can add genuine excitement to any party.

Video Jockey (VJ)

DJs are still very popular as forms of entertainment at parties but the VJ takes it to another level. Skilled VJs can do as much, if not more, with video and music as a DJ and influence the mood of the crowd and atmosphere.

VJs can be a main event, warmup or sideshow and can provide interactivity, a hands-off display or showcase the technology with attendees.


Popcorn machine

A popcorn machine is a simple idea but we have seen it work incredibly well in a number of events. From children’s parties to corporate shindigs, seeing people walk around with popcorn in their hand, eating it while watching what’s going on can be surprisingly satisfying.

Popcorn is also not very fattening as long as you watch the sugar so is widely considered an acceptable snack.

There will be a lot of sweeping up after the event though as it gets everywhere!

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Glow show

We have seen a couple of glow shows at parties and they never fail to disappoint. Whether done by hula hoop, jugglers, acrobats or dancers, the use of light in the dark will always entertain.

It’s a simple act to set up as long as you have performance space to set aside. The overheads and requirements are fairly low too!


Fairground stalls

We have used fairground stalls a few times at parties and events. Everything from a coconut shy to hook a duck. The trick is to include as many as you can while keeping them safe and clean.

They work well as sideshows in larger events as people can wander and play in the same way they would at a fairground.

Open mic

Open mics can work either exceptionally well or not very well at all as entertainment at parties. It’s one of those entertainments where you really need to know your audience. If you have a fun-loving audience up for a laugh or are hosting a party for showbiz types, an open mic can be fun.

It’s cheap and easy to set up, can be a main event, warmup or sideshow and it can provide lots of entertainment. As long as you get the audience right…


Silent disco

Silent discos aren’t anything to look at but they tap into an existing trend for commercial silent clubs. Participants wear headphones and can escape to their own little world to music played by a live DJ.

It’s a little eerie to watch at first but it’s a very effective method of entertainment and gets round noise restrictions in some venues at the same time.

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Outdoor cinema

An outdoor cinema is useful as entertainment at parties as it can keep people engaged for a long period of time. It’s also easy to set up, can be distanced if required, can use headphones to keep noise low and include snacks or bar service depending on requirements.

Outdoor cinema works better than indoor but does require the weather to cooperate, a nice garden or outdoor space and a plan B in case of rain!


We think that’s enough inspiration for now. We hope this post has given you some ideas to implement into your next party!

Do you have any ideas for entertainment at parties? Tell us about them below if you do!

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