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Top Event Management Companies in the UK

Whether you’re new or have been around a while, knowing the movers and shakers in the events industry is important.

They blaze the trail, they lead the way, they often need talented new people and they are usually willing to work with other companies to deliver exceptional events.

The event management industry is agile and fast moving so this list may change over time.

We’ve compiled our second annual Top 3 Places To Work in the Events Industry but for now, here’s a little taster…

Want to know the full list of top places to work in events?


Named as one of the Top Wedding Planners in The World by Harpers Bazaar, ByChenai Events is a London based boutique wedding and event design company.

The private palazzo in Venice. The mountain-side retreat in Switzerland. Grammy Award-winning musicians and Michelin-starred chefs. Scarlet Events are the name to watch.

Image: Luke Dyson


Broadwick designs, builds and operates some of the world’s most exciting venue and entertainment brands. Venues include Drumsheds, Depot Mayfield & Exhibition London.

Aviva Studios is a landmark new cultural space for Manchester and the UK’s largest investment in a national cultural project since the opening of Tate Modern in 2000.


My Beautiful City is a multi disciplinary agency rooted in fashion. Their client roll call includes events for Versace, Alexander Wang, Dior, Fendi and Vivienne Westwood.

CHANEL is committed to delivering the ultimate luxury experience with events being a key strategic touch point to surprise and delight top clients.


From Rolls Royce to opulent desert camps, Quintessially works with the world’s most discerning brands and their understanding of ultra-high-net-worth audiences is unmatched.

Albion Parties is portfolio includes events in St Moritz, Kensington Palace, Claridges and St Tropez.



Formula E is a single-seater motorsport championship for electric cars billed as “electric entertainment at 200mph”.

Wembley London’s iconic stadium has hosted so many world famous events it’s hard to list them all in one sentence.



Want to know the full list of top places to work in events?