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Top Event Management Companies in the UK

Whether you’re new or have been around a while, knowing the movers and shakers in the events industry is important. They blaze the trail, they lead the way, they often need talented new people and they are usually willing to work with other companies to deliver exceptional events.

The event management industry is agile and fast moving so this list may change over time. For now, this is who we think are the top events management companies in the UK in 2020.

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M&C Saatchi

M&C Saatchi are a world class agency who strive to simplify your brief in order to create campaigns that are high impact. Being so large, the company can handle everything from marketing to experiential events anywhere in the world.


WRG are a strong and well established agency specialising in financial, pharma and IT who look to create and deliver unforgettable content and experiences. They are one of the trailblazers in our industry and are worth keeping an eye on.


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Banks Sadler

Banks Sadler are a complete events company. A large scale events and meetings specialist that offers venue, management, production, technology and everything in-house to deliver an exceptional event.


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Freeman are a full service event management agency that delivers great experiences. They use technology, creativity and original graphics to create experiences that go the extra mile.

Jack Morton

Jack Morton are one of the largest event management companies around. They have worked with everyone over the years and were there at the start. They’ve done everything and cater for small scale events right up to the biggest you can think of.


TBA is a creative and digital agency working with big brands to create awe inspiring experiences. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the world to deliver exceptional events.


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BCD Meetings & Events specialise in corporate and sports. Their recent purchase of Zibrant enables them to be leading specialists in corporate events from team building to conferences and meetings.


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M-IS blends technology, digital, experiential and design to create powerful and engaging events for a range of UK and international clients. They are another events management company that uses technology to its fullest potential.

Admirable Crichton

Admirable Crichton is a beloved well established caterer and event planner for the ultimate wedding, corporate event or party. Based in London, they are the ideal partner for upscale and society events.

Cellar Society

Cellar Society provides audacious catering and drinks experiences for a range of high end events where food and drink are the centre of attention. They are a lifestyle events company that stands out for innovation and creativity.


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The Department

The Department are probably the world’s first immersive agency for experiences that transform brand engagement. They use technology to deliver exceptional experiences for all kinds of use, from corporate to promotion and are right on the cutting edge.


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The Events Company

The Events Company has been responsible for a broad range of events since 2002. Based in the Midlands, the company delivers everything from team building to corporate event management.


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Clarion Events

Clarion Events are probably the UK’s leading events and large scale exhibitions agency. They are an international business that hold events all over the world including trade shows, exhibitions and business-oriented events.


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MGN events

MGN events is one of the leading luxury private party and corporate events management companies in the UK, with clients across the world. Their creative team have designed large celebratory events for global brands, HNW individuals, influencers, footballers and artists.

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