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Tech in Events: Opportunities for All

Last updated August 21st, 2018


As 2018 brings us closer to the next decade of the 21st century, it’s looking set to be the decade of the digital, with Tech City UK identifying that another 1 million tech professionals will be needed by the time 2020 arrives. Yet an Indeed survey is revealing that 86% of recruiters are already experiencing problems finding and hiring tech talent: a clear sign that there’s never been a better chance to improve your employment prospects than by expanding your tech skills.

Technical difficulties?

From communication and automated systems, to Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), the use of drones, data and personalised systems now being integral to the infrastructure of many industries – including events – technical competency across a range of hardware, software, and creative digital applications is certainly needed. So why the shortfall those recruiters are experiencing?

For instance, in events, a Production Manager needs to know about the technical side, but of course, the mainstays of the role are creativity, organisation, and logistics.

Bridging the gender gap with tech in events

According to EventBrite’s 3rd Annual Survey, based on 811 event professionals in the UK:

As such, the events sector is well-recognised as being an industry which offers plenty of potential for professional success whatever the gender, but particularly for women (NYSCorporate).
With the high numbers of females entering the events profession each year (the intake across Event Academy courses also bears out this fact) and the high demand for tech talent, it makes sense that all event professionals – regardless of gender – could be taking advantage of the demand for technical skills and building these into their events toolkit.
So how does this look in the world of events?

Tech trends in events

According to SpiceFactory, 2018’s top tech trends in events include:

Building and using the tech toolkit

The Eventbrite report found that education and training is the main purpose behind most events (29%), with the most popular, with the most in-demand event types being:

It’s easy to see how such events could all be increasingly facilitated, delivered and evaluated using the growing popularity of SpiceFactory’s tech elements, and why almost 33% of those surveyed expected tech to have the biggest impact on events in the future.

But how can event managers equip themselves with the right tech toolkit?

Lorne Armstrong, Director of Event Academy, explains:
“It [digital and social technology] is something we’re pushing on the course … new event managers need to understand how an event can come to life on the day or be marketed pre- and post- through digital and social […] All those pieces that are digital, which connect someone’s experience together, either prior to or during an event, are really important and the industry needs people who understand that and how it connects to ‘live’.”
As such, Event Academy courses can help you explore technology in events:

Tiziano and Nelson, two recent alumni, both involved in We The People’s Film Festival as part of their course, found technology to be important to their in-project roles, as Tiziano identifies: “I supported the whole organisation of the screening … if you don’t have any experience in the event industry, these opportunities are perfect for being involved in events.”
For Nelson, despite careful pre-planning, getting to know the technical aspects of producing a complete project made a difference to the overall outcome on the night, sharing: “our microphones for the evening experienced interference during the test phase. Somehow they picked up a mix of local radio stations and transmitted that during testing. Thankfully this was resolved before guests arrived […] I gained insight that it is invaluable to set-up and test your audio-visual technology early […] and ensure that you/your team know how to operate everything.”
* It’s also interesting to note that the most in-demand event roles were those relating to marketing and communications, another aspect that Event Academy courses can deliver, with our CIM-accredited qualifications.
In the event, there are growing opportunities for those with tech expertise in events, it’s just a question of finding out more about events as a career and building that experience – whatever your gender. To find out more:

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