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The True Value of a CIM Accreditation

Last updated December 8th, 2020

As one of the world’s largest professional organisations, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) carries a lot of weight. Any qualification that carries its name is going to be noticed. If that qualification is in an area you want to work in and carries CIM accreditation, all the better!

Few courses offer as much information in such an accessible way as the Event Academy Online Diploma.

Written and developed by industry experts. Backed by an event management education specialist and fully accredited by CIM. The Event Academy Online Diploma is one of the most content-rich courses of its type available in the UK.

That isn’t the only reason why you might benefit from the course.

Here are a few reasons why the Event Academy Online Diploma might give you the career boost you’re looking for.

Start the CIM Accredited Online Diploma Course Today for Just £99!

CIM Accreditation

You can get a qualification for almost anything online. Most will be completely worthless in terms of career benefits unless they are backed by a well-known and respected organisation. An organisation such as CIM for example.

Any recruiter knows that a course accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing has to meet rigorous standards and deliver high quality education in order for CIM to put their name to it. That can only work in your favour.

Viable Degree Alternative

Have you seen the price of degrees lately? More students are being told that degrees are the only path to a career but most recruiters and those in business know it isn’t true.

A degree will teach you a lot but recruiters and industry all agree that few degrees equip students with other key skills necessary in the workplace.

The Event Academy Online Diploma is different. It was designed by those in the events industry to deliver the skills the industry requires. It is continually refined to address the evolving requirements of our niche and to equip students with both the intellectual and practical skills you’ll need during your career.

Plus, you won’t finish the course with thousands of pounds of student loans to pay back as the Event Academy Online Diploma can cost as little as £99 per month!

Get Qualified Alongside Workplace Experience

If you’re already working in events but want to progress, the Event Academy Online Diploma is ideal. You can work during the day and gain valuable experience and study in your free time to gain valuable knowledge.

Many recruiters would agree that an applicant for a role with relevant experience and a qualification would be more attractive than someone with just a qualification.

As an added benefit, studying alongside work means you can use your work experience to help with your studies and what you learn in your studies in your work. It’s the perfect combination!

Theory is Not Everything

A qualification without the experience to back it up or to teach you how to apply it in the real world is not as powerful as work experience and a qualification combined.

Theory is not everything. We keep being told this whenever we discuss the industry, at events, with recruiters and with clients. College and university are superb for teaching you the theory of how something works. They are not so good at teaching you how to apply that knowledge in the workplace.

That’s why so many degree courses include work experience or require a placement afterwards. To teach you how to apply your theoretical knowledge in the real world.

The Event Academy Online Diploma is different. You can study while working and get the best of both worlds. All while earning a living at the same time!

Transition Between Careers

Nothing says you’re serious about a new career than earning an accredited qualification.

Employers are now much more accepting of those transitioning between careers. Having a qualification that you have spent your own time and money on can only help your case.

A course such as the Event Academy Online Diploma takes hard work and dedication and that is appreciated by the vast majority of employers. Something that can only help your transition.

Degree Saturation

Most young people who apply for jobs in the events industry have a degree. Many employers will add a degree to their list of requirements, but that is changing. What was once regarded as mandatory, is now gradually switching to be ‘nice to have’ or ‘beneficial’.

So many people now have degrees that their value is being diluted. Plus, rightly or wrongly, there is a perception that education as a whole is getting easier and mainstream qualifications are being dumbed down to help with attainment.

Whether that’s true or not, external qualifications suffer from none of that. A CIM-accredited qualification certainly isn’t regarded as easy or watered down that’s for sure!

A Good Measure of Effort and Determination

One reason degrees have value is because it takes effort and hard work to get one. Its value is partly in proving you can learn, have the intelligence to apply what you have learned and have the staying power to complete a course.

The Event Academy Online Diploma is exactly the same. Plus, you are likely working at your day job or studying for something else at the same time, so it’s even more proof that you’re determined and able to learn!

International Recognition

British universities are some of the most highly regarded in the world and carry a lot of weight on the international stage. Yet they are not internationally recognised. A degree proves you can learn but its worth may end there.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is an international organisation. It’s reach is global. Having a CIM-accredited qualification brings with it international recognition.

Few degrees or college diplomas can compete with that!

A degree is a worthwhile undertaking for anyone. It is mandatory for many careers and desirable for some. Yet it isn’t the only way to build a successful career in a rewarding industry.

The Event Academy Online Diploma is equally viable if you’re considering a career in events. Gained alongside practical experience, it delivers the knowledge you need and competitive advantage when it comes time to apply for a job in events.

If you’re looking for something as valuable as a degree that won’t leave you with student debt, or want to study for an accredited course alongside work, The Event Academy Online Diploma could be just what you’re looking for!

Start the CIM Accredited Online Diploma Course Today for Just £99!
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