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What's It Like Being a Party Planner?

Last updated November 3rd, 2017

Are you a ‘get-this-party-started’ kind of person? If so, you could make a good living and even carve a career from your party personality – so long as you have a professional party planner’s skills and stamina to go with it!
Not convinced that being a professional party planner is hard work? We’ve worked with many and can say hand-on-heart that although every day is different, the truest thing about each and every day is the amazing amount of tasks you need to fit in … oh, and whilst wearing your best party smile, of course! So what’s it really like?

Non-event day

The bottom line is that non-event days, the days when an event isn’t being held, can be extremely busy in their own right as those are the days for catching up with everything and everyone involved …
1) Clients, contractors – and even committees!

2) Planning and setting up
Of course, the clue is in the job title, but it can be quite a revelation to realise the amount of planning a party planner role can entail:

3) Correspondence and communications
An essential part of most days involves regular slots for catching up with correspondence such as emails, returning phone calls or initiating contacts with would-be clients or contractors. Setting aside some time for these communications is essential because, as a professional party planner, you’re likely to be dealing with more than one event at a time, and each client will want regular contact and updates …

4) To do list and scheduled tasks
Any day where an event isn’t taking place means you’ll be getting on with your to-do list, that ‘anything goes’ list which will relate to every aspect of every party! At the very least, your main to-do list will include variations of:

Those new to the world of event management will note the word ‘scheduled’ there! When you’re managing events, including party planning, everything has a deadline, so schedules are sacred. Being a party planner means not only setting schedules and adhering to them, but also making sure everyone else involved does too!

On event day

On event day, you’ll be working flat out, from setting up well before the event to overseeing (or even being hands-on) with clearing up afterwards, and could include:

Overall, what being a party planner’s like can be dramatically different from day to day, but what you can generally expect from being a party planner is that …
In the long term: you’ll have a flexible schedule which will certainly involve some long days, evening and weekend hours.
In the short term: you can expect some 9-5 days when you’re working through tasks, meetings and to-do lists, but there will also be some very long days in run up and during an event.

Getting your party planning profession started

As ever in event management, the more experience you have in running events, the better your professional prospects. Professional party planners usually get started by:

Finally, for more insight into what it’s like to be a professional party planner, from those who do it every day, there’s a great article over at Vogue which includes lots of expert advice. Remember that all of these professionals had to start somewhere, so if you’re really planning to party for a living, Event Academy can offer plenty of advice, training and support to help you get your own party career started!

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