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All You Need to Know About Event Agencies - Kim Myhre
An experience innovator, thought leader and brand storyteller, Kim Myhre’s also an event industry expert and Managing Director at MCI Experience. In this video, with full transcript below, Kim offers insights from his global experience in event management to share how an event agency works and explain its role in creating brand experience events.
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What is it really like to be a film extra?
When she’s not helping our prospective students find the right even course, our Course Advisor Karin Pointner regularly rubs shoulders with Hollywood stars as a film extra. Here she tells us about her experiences. “I discovered the world of film extras many years ago.  It all started with Bridget Jones’ Diary, and continued with Holby City, Children […]
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Interview with Justine Kane
Justine Kane is Course Director for Event Academy. She is a highly experienced trainer with over fifteen years of experience and connections in the event management training industry. Justine has spent the past four years as Course Director for an event management training institute, placing hundreds of graduates into roles and tutoring them through to successful […]
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Interview with an Event Manager
Our Director of Education Claire Derrick kindly took the time out of her very busy schedule to share her experience and expertise in Event Management. Claire is a highly qualified events, marketing and training practitioner. What was your first full-time job? My first job was as a Systems Administrator with a Software company – I looked […]
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