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Student Testimonial

Charmi ditched the desk job for an exciting events career

If your heart and your mind are in it, do it. If you put your all into it, you’ll get it all back. You’ll need the right mindset and focus. Accept that there’s no job too big or too small for you….

Charmi Patel

Charmi started out in Business and HR but knew in her heart that it wasn’t the right career for her and she wanted to make a transition into Event Management.

’Being stuck at a computer was never my thing. I felt I needed a job I wanted to go to, not one I had to go to. I’ve always been a sociable person and wanted to incorporate that into my work.

“I developed an interest in events and went to a lot of them. I’m from the Asian community and have always been to a lot of weddings,I realised this was something I could make a career out of”.

Since doing her course with The Event Academy, Charmi is now working as the Events and Marketing Manager at Bridelux, producers of the world’s finest and most exclusive wedding catwalk shows.

See the course that Charmi did

There’s no doubt about it, starting a new career is a big step. You’ll need the right support from the right people to get on your feet fast.

Charmi told us that her initial contact with Karin at the Event Academy reassured her she’d made the right decision: “Karin was such a nice person! She took the time to speak to me, asked me to the Open Evening and introduced me to volunteering opportunities. It was all very personal and I felt they genuinely wanted their students to succeed.

“Through Karin, I volunteered a few times with Paceworking Events and met their amazing leader who runs massive corporate events. It was really good to be able to network and see events firsthand for the first time. I still keep in touch with people at Paceworking and invite them to our Bridelux shows.

The Event Academy give you the experience, the resources, the teachers and the support you need as Charmi explained, “Claire, Justine and Karin have been amazing – the experience they come from is incredible. They do the best they can to develop a relationship with all the students who come on board. I still continue to keep in touch, which says a lot about them as a brand, they take pride in what they do. They are 100 percent serious, and have a genuine care for their students. But you’ll need to meet them halfway: actually it’s all about you, that’s what I’ve learnt. Take everything you’ve been given and really be proactive.”

See the course that Charmi did
Frequently Asked Questions
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Could you make the move?

If you get the right qualification and are willing to work hard, the opportunities are enormous:

  • 92% of our students find work in the Event Industry within six months
  • The Events industry is worth over £42.3 billion a year to the UK economy, and rising (Eventbrite).
  • There are key skills shortages in the Events Industry and a high demand for trained professionals (C&IT Magazine).


But will I be starting again from scratch?

Working in Events is incredibly diverse – no day is ever quite the same as the last. Whatever your current job is, it’s likely that you’ll have expertise to transfer into an Events role.

And you will have great transferable skills. If you’re currently:

  • In an organisational or administrative role
  • Managing a team
  • Working in hospitality
  • Working on budgeting or finances
  • Hot on social media

Then you will have some of the skills Events employers are looking hard to find.

Charmi says that her background in Business and HR meant that she’d ‘learnt the elements of running a business, about budgeting, finance, the legal aspect, contracts, invoices. Having a commercial mindset really helped me. I was in tune with what a business is and how it should run’.

Is now the right time?

Only you can know if now is the time to move towards a career that’s more “you”. However, ask yourself, what’s holding you back? Our Diploma Course is a part-time evening course, 2 days a week, for 3months, meaning:-

  • You can earn while you learn
  • Its flexible with live and online modules
  • It’s CIM accredited – the only events course that is
  • Gain experience through our exciting volunteering opportunities


What should I do next?

Come to our next Open Evening on Weds 17th January at the Business Design Centre Islington from 6.30 to 8.30pm. You can speak to Course Alumni and meet our Lecturers. If this date isn’t possible, we can also arrange a phone consultation, call Natalie on 020 7183 5129 to arrange.