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Chinese New Year: Events and Monkeys

Last updated January 22nd, 2016

The weather is freezing and Christmas feels like it was in another lifetime. Don’t panic though: we’ve still got the Chinese New Year to celebrate. If you’ve ever wondered why Event Managers are cheerful and full of energy, it is that they are always thinking about the next thing to celebrate!

Reasons to celebrate …

In fact, this year is the year of the Monkey and the personality traits described for those born under the sign of the monkey match closely to those of Event Professionals. Monkeys are curious, quick thinking and mischievous. They are also confident and usually successful in their careers. Above all they harness changeability as their main attribute. Sound familiar?
If you’re thinking of organising a Chinese New Year event, here are some things for you to consider.


Red is the dominant culture in Chinese New Year celebrations. Whatever you’re theming or décor, it needs to include red and other warm colours.
Part of the attraction of celebrating the Chinese New Year is the idea of bringing warmth to the coldest point in the year. Lanterns are a huge part of the tradition so use your creativity to bring some light to your event and brighten the dark winter nights.


Clearly there needs to be an oriental twist to the food to truly celebrate Chinese tradition and culture. The theme of the celebration food is to bring good luck for the year ahead. Serving whole fish is thought to bring luck. Certain ways of preparing and eating fish are a request for prosperity in the year to come.
You don’t have to be boring and predictable to honour tradition: do some research and find out what will give the best experience for your guests while honouring the traditions of bringing luck.


Don’t forget it is the year of the monkey. Play with the Chinese zodiac and find a way to bring some animal magic to your event. You could have face painting for children or encourage your guests to dress up as their animal signs.
How about using the attributes of each animal, according to Chinese culture? Task guests with finding out which year the others were born under with a prize for whoever guesses the most people correctly.
Whatever you do, make sure you guests have a good time. If you’re the person who is always organising parties and social events, why not unleash your inner monkey as a career move? Find out more about our courses on our website and book on one of our open evenings to find out more.
Featured image by Ivan Bandura and used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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