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Why We Love Working In Events

Last updated December 8th, 2020

We are so proud of our industry and it’s unique ability to create special moments and bring people together. As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to talk to some industry professionals about why they love working in events.

Jemma Smith, Event Manager, Netjets Europe

I love working in events to help clients make and share amazing memories with their loved ones. Creating an experience that they can treasure for the rest of their lives is the best feeling.

Rachel Bellon, Head Of Commercial Events at The London Wildlife Trust

The Events industry is made up of the most amazingly creative, hardworking, organised and sociable people and I love working together as a team to bring our clients vision to life. After months of detailed planning, that moment when your client and their guests see the venue dressed for their event is always a personal highlight! I also love the problem solving element of my job, to take what seems like an impossible idea and to mould it to fit within the constraints of the venue I’m working in. After the heartbreaking year our industry has faced, I will never take for granted the magic of live events & networking with my industry peers.

Silvia Buganza, Event Specialist at Nike European Headquarters

Events are all about human connections and this is why I love organizing them. No matter what type of event you need to organize, you always get the chance to make people engage, feel emotions and live an amazing experience.

Jon Noonan, Group Sales Director, Thorns Group

Seeing people’s faces when they turn up to events, creating memories for people. The fast pace of the industry and the people who work within the industry all adds up to why I love the events industry!

Ali Blows, Head of Commercial Events & Business Development, National Theatre

We will bounce back with the same smiles and positive attitude we have always brought to our events!

Susie Evans, Weddings & Events Planner, Susie Evans Weddings

Having worked in the events industry for nearly 10 years, I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else. Working with so many different people all with different visions means that every event is a new creative project for me. I love the relationship element of events and working closely with my clients who often become life long friends. I guess it’s the challenge that I enjoy – finding solutions and being the main pilar of support for each and every client.

Millie Walker, Special Services & Events Coordinator, St Paul’s Cathedral

I love working in the events industry because of the huge variety of people and projects I witness. Reassuringly, most people I work need a seating plan, a schedule and more parking than I could ever muster but the details are ever changing. I enable the creative ideas of a client or my senior leadership team to come to life which brings them joy, amazes guests and ultimately generates huge job satisfaction. Plan for every eventuality and your reward is a room full of people enjoying themselves  –  what could be better than that!

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