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Five character traits you need to become a great wedding planner

Last updated June 6th, 2014

By Laura Evans
One of the toughest events to plan and execute successfully, whilst satisfying a demanding client, is a wedding. Getting every aspect of someone’s special day just right plus co-ordinating crowds, pleasing the mother of the bride, controlling errant bridesmaids and let’s not even mention the best man’s speech… it’s not a task for the faint hearted.
Have you got what it takes?
Here are five character traits of a great wedding planner to help you find out.

1. Patience

Can you keep a cool head when all about you are losing theirs? Working weekends and evenings with people who might be finding the process itself and the idea of a big life change stressful can push your frazzled nerves to the edge. Then someone goes and leaves the rings in the Bentley and you’ve got to keep your cool and start problem solving. Are you falling apart or making sure things are falling into place?

2. Imagination

“It’s my special day!” screams Bridezilla! But she’s got a point, this is the one day especially set aside to celebrate this unique couples love. Yet a lot of weddings can seem quite… samey. Your imagination will set this wedding apart from the rest. Just remember that this is not your day but someone else’s so whatever amazing ideas you come up with should be perfectly apt to that couple.

3. Realism

In an ideal world the Youtube-worthy dance troupe, full fireworks show and flying the whole family out to Vegas would all be a possibility. In the real world, all weddings have a budget. Being realistic means you can step back and work out what is affordable and, if you can’t have it all, what aspects will be most important to include. It’s not about squashing creative ideas but maybe there is a cheaper way to achieve the spectacle. You can teach the groom’s guests those dance moves, right?

4. Multi Tasking

An ability to multi task is essential for any wedding planner. Researching dream venues whilst planning a Pride & Prejudice themed party and knowing your Hydrangeas from your Gerberas for the bouquets? Check. Making sure the band is set up and sound checked by 2pm whilst feeding dietary requirements to the restaurant manager and pointing the hairdresser to the bride’s base of operations? Check. Being super organised is the key to a problem free day.

5. Killer Communication

Communication is going to be important for this wedding to run smoothly. Your communication needs to be both clear and concise but also charismatic. From negotiating with suppliers beforehand to managing the mother of the bride on the day, it will help you if you are charming the socks off all involved. It will help you to get better rates, call in favours when needed and mean that you are more likely to get hired again through recommendations. Note that this does not mean being a doormat but a sweet smile perfectly accompanies a firm hand. Luckily, as a great wedding planner you also have bags of patience (remember point #1?)
So there it is, five character traits of a great wedding planner. If it sounds like you it’s time to go forth and make that special day happen for some lucky couple. And if you want to build upon that natural skill set and learn some more about planning for events, check out our events courses page here.

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