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Fundraising in style

Last updated May 5th, 2016

Fundraising events are a key part of the events industry and there is plenty of work out there for anyone who wants to give something back and support a good cause. Our students regularly take volunteering opportunities from the full fundraising range from fabulous gala dinners to the London Marathon.

“Being able to help humanity, having these events to help those less well off and being a part of making it happen”

Diploma course graduate, Margarita Marotta-Haynes, volunteered at the Migdal Ohr Gala Dinner in February and had an amazing time! As well as getting to work at The Churchill in London (a Hyatt Regency hotel) she told us the event was well thought out and superbly tailored for its high society audience.
The aim of the event is to provide a networking opportunity for the Jewish community in London while also raising awareness of the work of Migdal Ohr. This charity, set up by Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, offers support to Jewish children at risk in Israel. Each table has a designated table host to ensure that old friends and new attendees alike are welcomed and this atmosphere extends to the staff at the event too. The table host is also involved in gathering pledges from their table group, again contributing to the friendly atmosphere.
The event is clearly well thought out, from the attendees, how the evening runs and the briefing of volunteers. Margarita found it very different to a usual fundraising dinner with a completely different set of attendees. Part of her job she really loves is meeting new people and this event didn’t disappoint her!

“Glowing feedback from the guests made it an amazing experience”

With a full dining hall, all the volunteers were rushed off their feet all evening. Of course for an event manager, a smiling and friendly approach while your brain is racing along with the schedule is normal. For the guests, that time and attention from a team of volunteers makes all the difference to their evening. Someone to show them to their seats, to give directions to the toilets, to deal with any queries means guests can focus on their conversation and the experience.
For Margarita, as well as being part of this high profile event with distinguished guests, she also loves learning about the work of a charity organisation that she knew nothing about before. It is all a learning journey, both getting stuck into different live events and learning about how different charities operate and gain supporters.

“I’m now part of a network of alumni and potential employers”

The Migdal Ohr Gala Dinner was managed by Jam Events, who employ some Event Academy alumni and who also source their volunteers from Ashdown students and graduates. Volunteering isn’t just an opportunity to learn, it is a great way to build your contacts and stay in touch with other rising stars in the event industry.
Margarita has volunteered with Jam and, after glowing feedback, is now on their database of volunteers and collaborators.
What a fantastic experience and a huge thanks to our friends at Jam Events and, of course, all our wonderful students and graduates who never fail to impress all those they work with. If you’d like to find out more about our volunteering opportunities for students and how they can boost your career please come along to an open evening or contact us on +44(0)20 7183 5129.

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