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Can I go online to launch my career?

Last updated August 11th, 2015

Would you love to study or retrain, but really don’t have the time or the money to start a University course where you need to attend lectures during the day? Lots of people face this dilemma and wonder if studying online can give as good a learning experience as face to face training.
We solve that problem with an excellent library of video lectures given by event professionals and a carefully created learning pathway to guide online students through the course including assessments and individual guidance from our Course Director. But we know there are still questions about how well online study matches up to onsite training.
What about the practical side?
You may think that because event management is a hands on role it isn’t suited to online study. Think about it this way though: our team of events management experts work on involving audiences, creating the best experience through high quality AV production every day as event professionals.
Add in their love of teaching and they’re in the best position to give you the training experience you want with the flexibility you need.
Do I need to be really organised?
Yes. If you want to study online, from home and fit this in around your other commitments then you need excellent time management skills. You also need to be hot on organisation and time management as an event manager. In fact, studying online is a good way to really perfect those skills, making you an even better event manager.
Won’t it be difficult to motivate myself to study?
It takes a lot of motivation and self discipline to study online. It can be easy to fall behind and put things off without the pressure of regular lectures to attend. Learning how to motivate yourself and set your own deadlines is a really important part of the practical skills that you need for a successful career in events.
Isn’t studying online less creative?
Not at all! Actually, because you are responsible for your own learning, the pace at which you study and the way you approach the course, online study requires far more creativity from the individual student. This will have an impact on your event management skills, teaching you to think on your feet and find your own creative solutions to the millions of unexpected things that happen in the course of creating a spectacular event.
Won’t I feel isolated?
It is a greater risk that distance learning students will feel more isolated than others. However, for an event manager networking, volunteering and attending live events are just as important as attending organised lectures and we support and encourage all our students to do this.
As an online student, you can be completely in control of this and will follow the things that really interest you and learn to take your career development into your own hands early on.
What works for you?
It really is up to you and what will suit you best. As an online student, you can be completely in control and learn to take your career development into your own hands very early on. Online study can help bring out these essential skills for you more than traditional ways of learning.
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