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Nice day for a white wedding …

Last updated February 16th, 2016

Everyone loves a good wedding and for the happy couple, their family and friends it has to be a day they’ll have etched on their memories forever. You can’t get married every week … but you can be a kick-ass wedding planner and devote your time to creating those special moments for your clients.
Ever thought about brushing up your skills?
Maybe you’re planning a wedding and you’d like a bit of back up so you can be confident you’re managing it like a pro? Or perhaps you’re looking for a career change or to set up your own business as a professional Wedding Planner?
The business of planning a wedding has moved on from the traditional white wedding: there are now as many different ways to run a wedding as there are couples getting married. Wedding Planning that really captures the personality of the happy couple while sticking to a budget is an art and a science!
Won’t I need lots of training and a special qualification to be good?
Yes and no. It does help to have a qualification, but you can get qualified and build the expertise you need without having to spend lots of time and money training or sit through a formal exam.
Our flexible Wedding Short Course allows you access to our unique online video learning platform so you can gain the expertise you need in your own time and at your own pace. You can fit this in around a busy work life and childcare. It is an ideal way to give you a competitive edge and solid grounding in client & supplier management for event planning. It is also targeted enough to deliver you exactly what you need to be a specialist in wedding planning – making you invaluable to your friends of marrying age!
How will I learn?
Our wedding planning course is delivered through 5 core skills modules and 2 Wedding Planning Key Topics lectures. All lectures are given by our experienced team of events professionals and delivered to you by video so you can access them wherever you are.
We know learning isn’t just about listening to lectures so we’ve also crafted reflective exercises, delivered online, so you can check your learning and move on at your own pace. If you need to review any material you can do this at any time.
All our students, no matter what course they sign up for, are included in our volunteering network, which allows you access to volunteering (see latest BRITS opportunity) and job openings and to be part of an international network of students and lecturers.
If it is time for you to brush up your skills and open up new possibilities by doing it your way, in your own time then have a look at our new Wedding Short Course or get in touch with Karin, our Head of Student recruitment, on 020 7183 5129 to find out more.
Featured image by Jessica Branstetter used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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