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Party Planner Course

Last updated January 6th, 2021
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Do you often find yourself organising parties for your friends, and always being the person that others turn to ‘to get the job done’?

Well, perhaps you should consider taking a management course that covers party planning and equips you with the professional skills to take up a planner job at an events company.

If you’re ready for a fun, exciting and challenging experience then look no further. The Event Academy can train you to become an event coordinator and enable you to step into the career area of your choice – whether that is party planning, special event organisation or general event management.

So how will Event Academy give you a great training experience?

To build an understanding of how to create, produce and deliver events the training needs to be practical, hands on and experiential.

After all, party planning is about ‘doing’ and not about being lectured to in the classroom. Many event management courses rely almost exclusively on lecture-based ‘show and tell’ formats. Although theory is important it needs to be blended with practical activity for students to really understand events, which are experiences in themselves.


See If a Career in Event Management is Right For You

And even bigger benefits

It’s not just the nature of our training which sets you in good stead to learn about party planning. Learning about event management through Event Academy also offers the bigger benefits of:

And after all that?

After you graduate you will automatically become an Event Academy Alumni and can benefit from the range of services that we offer.

Contact us now to book a free consultation with our Course Director to discuss how Event Academy can seriously affect your event career.

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