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Working in Event Management Training

Last updated June 8th, 2012

I’m often asked by students what it’s like to work in event management training. The best of both worlds I say! You have the creative freedom and buzz of delivering world class live events (as part of the course) while experiencing a tangible sense of reward by making a positive difference to students’ careers.
They then usually ask if it’s the same working for an event management company. The truth is that much of it is the same, but the scales stretch from a creative and involving hub at one end to a less than comfortable dictatorship at the other! So here are my thoughts on what it’s like working in event management…

Corporate event management

If you end up working in an events team or department for a big corporate you can usually expect:

There is typically less creativity involved within Corporates (agencies do this bit) but there is often an opportunity to enjoy the perks of events that have bigger budgets (staying in 5 star accommodation, travelling business class around the world, using the best caterers etc)
As a career path, working for a corporate events team can lead to some great opportunities. For example one of my students started working for Goldman Sachs as one of their events team and is now a global marketing manager working in Dubai.

Charity event management

If you work in an events team or department for a charity you can expect:

Although relaxed there is a definite focus on every penny counting so the art of negotiation and supplier management is an absolute must. Perhaps the biggest advantage from my experience is the creativity and autonomy that you can have in a charity event. For example a recent student joined MAP UK and rather than just stuffing envelopes and doing admin she ran the entire event ticketing and guest relationship database for their annual gala dinner for 350 people…a responsibility that just wouldn’t happen in a large corporate event management team.

Event management Companies (Agencies)

If you work for an event management company you will usually experience:

There are many event companies that also exist that may not run events but are directly involved in events – theme and decoration houses, staffing agencies, production companies, catering, venue management etc.
What is common to all is that they now recognise the need for quality event management training to ensure they have confident and competent staff who can ‘hit the ground running’. This demand has been met by a series of event management training companies offering bespoke and accredited courses.

Event Management Training

I am also often asked about is what it is like to work in an event management training company. These are my personal reflections on what the experience of working for an event management training company is like:

The truth is there are so very many different types of event companies. If I were to offer you some advice I would recommend trying all of the above sectors and more! I would also recommend getting some experience from a variety of event planning companies – from wedding event management to sporting events.  The beauty of this incredible industry is there is never any excuse to get bored as there is always a new area to be explored!

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