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Volunteer at The Brit Awards

Last updated March 19th, 2020

The Brit Awards has to be one of the highlights of the British music calendar. The 2020 Brit Awards has already been and gone but the 2021 awards has already been announced. It will be held on 24th February 2021 at the O2 Arena in London.

Anyone even remotely interested in the music industry is going to want to be at the Brits. Volunteering is a great way to get in on the ground floor even if you don’t yet have a music career of your own.

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Where to find volunteering opportunities at The Brit Awards?

The Brit Awards looks and sounds as good as it does thanks to an army of hundreds of people behind the scenes. You could be one of them if you volunteer at The Brit Awards.

Competition is tough. As one of the highest profile music events on the calendar, aspiring hopefuls will be perfecting their application months in advance. To stand a chance of securing your own spot, you had better apply soon!

Try one or all of these places to find a volunteer position at The Brit Awards:

Indirect methods to volunteer at The Brit Awards

Like any large event, there will be a team of supporting staff working directly for the show and indirectly through the many suppliers to the show. Approaching one or more of these suppliers could also get you a spot at the show.

Most artists will already have their entourage but record companies, publicists, PR agencies, hair and makeup will all need help. Finding out who works with whom and approaching those could help. It will take some research but could be an effective way to outsmart the competition.

The Brits is a multichannel event so will use teams of experts from across audio, video, social media, sound production, catering, security, site services and more. If you’re already in the events industry, you already know just how many people it takes to put on a show like this!

What jobs could you be doing when volunteering at The Brit Awards?

An event on the scale of The Brit Awards will need an army of staff to keep it running smoothly. Common volunteer positions include meeting and greeting, waiting tables or serving drinks, showing people to their seats, offering help and advice, manning kiosks, taking coats, preparation and running the event floor, kitchen staff and bar staff.

There will also be volunteer positions for setting up and teardown too. Some positions will concentrate on just these tasks while working with a supplier may involve doing these as well as working through the event.

How to get a volunteer position at The Brit Awards

We have provided a few places that could help when volunteering at The Brit Awards but now let’s cover the how.

There is no prescribed method of getting a role. There is no helpful web page that lists all the volunteer positions and email addresses of contacts. It is all down to you.

  1. Compile a smart email introduction outlining what you want, why you want it and why the person you are emailing should consider you.
  2. Polish your CV and/or portfolio and make sure it shines.
  3. Research The Brit Awards and who does what behind the scenes.
  4. Research contacts within the organisations that provide those services.
  5. Email the contact with the prepared mail from Step 1 and include your CV.

Prepare that email and CV well in advance. Make sure to keep it up to date, check spelling and grammar exceptionally carefully several times before you send it. If you know someone you trust, have them read everything too to make extra sure. Nothing will spoil an opportunity like a poorly worded or misspelt email!

As you can see, securing a volunteer position at The Brit Awards is not going to be easy. However, if you can get a spot, you can see first hand how large scale events are handled and just how much work goes into them. It will be a long, hard day but it should also be immensely satisfying.

Plus, adding ‘Volunteered at The Brit Awards 2021’ is going to look really good on your next job application!

Want to find out more? Download our FREE Event Management Guide
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