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Meet our new Head of Experience

Last updated November 5th, 2014

His name is Hans

We have been running with an Austrian theme at Ashdown HQ over the last couple of weeks. There is a reason for this – not only were we looking forward to the Austrian themed Morning Gloryville on Weds 29th Oct, but we are also introducing our beloved Hans, who is of Austrian descent, to the world at large ‘Who is Hans?’ we hear you ask. Followers of our Facebook page may already have met the furry little chap, who is our mascot, looked after by our Recruitment Director Karin.

Why do we love Hans?

Hans fulfils a very important function as part of the Event Academy team. One of our core education values is to provide training that is hands on and experiential for our students. Hans is a constant reminder for us to get out of the classroom and get into the centre of our city to see some of the amazing live events that happen right on our doorstep. If he gets left at his desk for too long, he starts complaining and looking sorry for himself. Even when we’re at our most busy he reminds us that life (or a live event) is not a dress rehearsal, something that we all love about the event industry and motivates us to do what we do. We are confident our students feel the same way, so we want everyone to know what Hans represents for us.

Get out of the classroom!

Aside from the Morning Gloryville, Hans’ latest adventure was to go and see Culture Club finally performing again after a 12 year hiatus at Heaven in London. It was possible to get tickets on one day only and we have no idea who his sources of information are, but we figure Hans must be clued up on the gig scene. He might look soft and cuddly, but we think he has the intellect of a criminal genius. Lucky for us he uses his powers for good.
Follow Hans’ adventures via our Facebook page as he drags us (especially long suffering Karin) around London seeking excitement in hidden corners of the City and take inspiration to get out there and experience as many live events as you can. If you see Hans make sure you say hi! If you have any places you think Hans should visit please let us know by posting on our Facebook page.

Essential facts about Hans:

• Home town: St Wolfgang
• Height: 27cms
• Weight: 200gms
• Official job title: Head of Experience
• Favourite type of events: Gigs and live music
• Distinguishing features: Leiderhosen and yodels when you press his tummy
• Favourite food: Linzer Torte
• Pet hates: People who have no sense of adventure
• Personal hero: The Gnome from the film Amelie

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