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4-legged Team Members

Last updated April 7th, 2022

Pets provide great office support, so enjoy some appreciation for our four-legged friends.

Jessie (Sales Support)

Jessie has got dodgy knees but she still loves to commute over the hill in Lewes with Lorne.

Princess Boo (Sales Support)

Not the dog you would expect Lorne to have but she has definitely stolen his heart. He’d like everyone to know he didn’t pick her name (and that she snores louder than him)

Stan (Student Services)

Possibly the coolest dog around, and the only one with an orthopaedic bed under the desk.

Penny (Head of Barketing)

The naughtiest of all the dogs, can be found regularly rifling through bins for left over sandwich wrappers.

Our 2-legged team members can be found here

Cliff (Marketing Support)

Cliff is the newest addition to the Event Academy family, offering his support skills to our marketing department. His favourite food is curly kale.

Obi (Student Services)

If you listen carefully enough while on a call with Claire Derrick our principal, you may just be able to hear Obi trying to pitch in with his expert knowledge.

Widget (PA to CEO)

Widget is our oldest 4-legged colleague and best boy. He resides in the Fitzmaurice household where he can be found on his own miniature furniture.

Sonny (Sales Support)

Undoubtedly the most handsome and most active member of our four-legged team – Sonny has bags of energy and never misses his daily cardio!

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